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About Quality Integrity

Have you ever bought a system, solution or service that you never fully utilized? Jonathan Schloo realized that in the technology world, Quality and Integrity were often absent, so over 20 years ago he set out to make a difference.

Our Legacy

Born in Toronto, the son of Goodyear National Manager whom at a young age and through manhood instilled in him the value of integrity in business sales, quality in workmanship, and skills to be an effective leader coupled with disciplined business principles, forming the core of what Quality Integrity is today. Quality, creative, foresight, and ingenuity is in our blood, as the grandson of Swiss Quality Electrician whose work is honored in museums.

Jonathan Schloo ‘ The Early Years of CRM

He was a technology natural, a wiz kid that could take apart, figure out and fix just about any technology. He wrote his own voice mail system in Clipper during the summer 1987, enabling his clients to be more effective before voice mail systems became main stream. As a technology leader, he had one of the first cell phones and became the poster boy for Bell. From his start as a custom programmer, he realized to grow his business he needed more clients, and so began his journey to becoming one of Canada’s foremost CRM Experts.

In the Beginning there is Telemagic

No, there is not a grammar mistake in the above heading, TeleMagic still exists and TeleMagic .NET is maintained by Quality Integrity, though the technology does show its age and there are several more feature rich CRM solutions on the market. To grow his business, he started developing and using the first customizable contact manager, TeleMagic Dos. It worked! He got new clients and through word of mouth, he got bigger clients introducing newer technology, Interact Act, Microsoft Outlook, Saleslogix and Microsoft SQL. Next, bigger technology based on Oracle (largest CRM company own Siebel), CRM on demand Sales Force, Sage largest SME CRM company, and Mobile CRM were brought to market. Quality Integrity has stayed on the leading edge of CRM developing, enabling us to provide you with educated, researched, tested recommendations that will benefit your company and increase your sales.

CRM Experts ‘ Who would you turn to?

Ask yourself, if you were Warren Buffet, who would you turn to for strategic sales and marketing leadership system expertise? Quality Integrity has an industry reputation of excellence, a near perfect use adoption rate of 97% compared to the ~60% industry average, on budget delivery ‘ that’s what integrity buys you, and through our Design Audit ‘ we give our clients the solutions they KNOW they need rather then blindly guessing.

Jonathan receives client referrals and continues to invest hundreds of thousands in highly educational websites located at the top of Google, Yahoo and MSN for many industry keywords. Quality Integrity strives to educate all of our visitors – almost 80% of our new leads are from the internet. The effectiveness of the main Internet search engines can not be under-estimated, we where at the top of search engines back in 1996, even before Google was around.

The Quality Integrity Experience

All of our top clients respect Jonathan, his team and the real return on investment they deliver, so much that they continue to form long term friendships retaining him as a key strategic trusted advisor. Many CRM companies conceal their clients ‘ we do not. We stand by our workmanship, quality of advice and service, and meeting deadlines, our clients are our clients because they WANT us.

Quality Integrity – Built Solid

At Quality Integrity we do what we say and say what we do. You need to understand our financial background, to be independent, Quality Integrity is debt free privately held by a group of powerful North American and European Partners.

  • Why would Warren Buffet give you several hundred thousand dollars?
  • Why would the nations largest home builder recommend you?

Quality Integrity Systems are used everyday to manage hundred of millions of dollars of business.