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Bell Cellular is indispensable to this computer consultant’s business
As a computer consultant, I’m in my car a lot, going from one customer to another. In Toronto, that can mean several hours each day fighting traffic. With Bell Cellular service, I put my travel time to good use, confirming appointments, checking for messages or contacting new business prospects. If one of my customers calls with a problem, I can head my car in their direction and arrive soon. This provides them with an important level of comfort. Bell Cellular is an indispensable part of my business.

Jonathan Schloo
Q & I Computer Systems Inc.

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Your first reaction on meeting Jonathan Schloo is surprise ‘ he’s younger than you would guess by his telephone voice. But this dynamic, 21-year-old runs a successful computer consultancy, Q & I Computer Systems, Inc., and his poise, confidence and business sense quickly dispel any thoughts about his youth.

Based in Toronto, Mr. Schloo’s company provides a full range of computer-related services to more than a dozen small and medium-sized businesses in Southern Ontario and the I.S. His expertise includes programming, systems design and training for businesses that use personal computers in their daily operations.

In June of 1987, he decided to purchase a cellular phone mainly for the romance of it at first. Thought it would be fun to have one in my car. However, he soon saw the advantages for his business and now he doesn’t know how he ever did without Bell Cellular service.

After buying his cellular phone from a Toronto retailer, he installed it in his car himself. I’m pretty technically oriented, he notes with a wry grin. The retailer suggested he choose Bell Cellular service, but Mr. Schloo wanted to try their competition. Five months later, he switched to Bell Cellular.

Bell Cellular advantages

I should have gone with Bell Cellular from the start, he notes. I even wrote a long letter to the other company explaining why I was making the change. There were several reasons. First, I use 411 service a lot and with Bell Cellular, there are neither airtime nor Bell charges for using this service, which saves me money.

Bell Cellular Message Centre service is far more advanced and I use it every day. There is a lot more control available, such as rewind, fast-forward, slow-down and speed-up message review. I’m particularly pleased with the Message Alert option. My success depends on how fast I can respond to a customer’s problem. With the Message Alert pager, I can guarantee a 10-minute response time. They really appreciate that.

Mr. Schloo takes full advantage of the Message Alert features. He programs his own Message Alert schedule depending on where he’ll be and what he’ll be doing each day. This flexibility ensures that he’s notified of any urgent calls without have unnecessary interruptions during an important visit with a customer.

While away from his office he even uses Bell Cellular’s Message Centre to record memos to himself. When I’m driving and want to make a note of an appointment or an idea, I’ll call in and retrieve the reminder. I also found that the connection time is faster with Bell Cellular. And the connections are a lot cleaner. Often, my customers don’t even know I’m calling from my car until I say something like ‘hold on while I pull over to jot that down.’ They’re amazed at the connection clarity.

Staying in touch at camp

Like most entrepreneurs, Mr. Schloo takes his work wherever he goes. This summer, he did some volunteer camp counselor work near Guelph, yet remained completely accessible to his customers. When they called my office, Bell Cellular Message Alert would page me and I’d return their call right away. It was hard to believe I was camping in the country. Mr. Schloo calls this being transparent to his customers. No matter where I am, I’m completely available to provide the services they count on. I’m planning a drive to Edmonton soon and I’ll forward my Toronto business line to my temporary Edmonton cellular telephone number. When my customers call, I’ll pay for the long distance charges and they’ll never realize I’m not talking to them from across town.

He even took his computer and modem to camp. Much of my work is done through computer interface with my customers’ computers. Not only could I talk with them on my cellular phone, I also sent and received data with the modem. And this was in the middle of a campground! He is also planning to buy a facsimile machine, to complete his office on wheels.

Cellular quickly pays for itself

When Mr. Schloo first started thinking about cellular service, he didn’t really go through any formal justification. But I knew I couldn’t afford to have a full-time secretary and I wasn’t getting good results from answering service companies. With Bell Cellular’s Message Centre and Message Alert option, customers can get hold of me right away. That alone has paid for my cellular service several times over.

One of my favorite Bell Cellular features is the free off-peak air time after the first 120 minutes. I have a very full schedule during normal business hours, with little time for personal calls. Now I catch up with friends and family while I’m returning home at the end of the day or during my drives up North on weekends. It’s great!

Bell Cellular is so much a part of my life now, it feels really strange to ride in a car without a phone. I don’t understand how anybody in business today can function without cellular.