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Over 20+ years of business we have developed a reputation for support, on budget delivery, knowledgeable staff, prompt response, etc. The Internet is a fast place, how do you know we are who we say we are, well, read our testimonials. We have organized them into group with the text written from each testimonial. Follow the link at the bottom of each testimonial to see the original document.

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Design Audit Praises

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and the rest of the Q & I team for all your guidance and expertise in assisting us to finally implement an effective, user-friendly case management system. We now have the system stability and corporate reporting capacity to enable effective business / strategic planning and to help us achieve our organizational goals.

As you are aware, we purchased and installed TeleMagic more than two years ago but experienced problems with the system pretty much from day one. Two sets of consultants were unable to identify and resolve all the related issues. From the moment I attended your information session at the Old Mill last Fall, I knew that Q & I had the knowledge of TeleMagic, technical systems skills, and understanding of day-to-day business operations to take a holistic approach that would resolve our problems once and for all.

We found the Design Audit to be a critical factor in the success of the project. This process forced us to go back to basics, map out our workflow, and identify where and how TeleMagic could effectively support the business needs. Your plan to include representatives from all functions and levels of the organization in these discussions, and your expert facilitation skills, elicited ideas and enhancements that we had not even considered. The proposal you developed through the Design Audit was accepted with only minor changes.

On a personal note, the ‘I’ in Q & I, which I know stands for integrity, is your company’s greatest attribute. I knew I could trust your advice. You did not make promises that you could not deliver. You continually reminded us to avoid the bells and whistles that can lead to data integrity problems. Rather than increase your potential sales, you kept bringing us back to core TeleMagic functionality. As well, when enhancements and upgrades, etc. were recommended, the reasons were clear and the decisions are easily made.

Ontario Ministry of Labour
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Thank you for everything you’ve done to make our nationwide 70 users system a success.

As the dominant leader in the automotive salvage industry and a premier provider of total loss claims services, IAA required an effective method of tracking client information to manage various aspects of our business.

The Design Audit planned exactly what we needed to do:

  • Ensure regular territory coverage based on account size.
  • Report on compliance of sales reps keeping in regular contact with key customers.
  • Having one centralized communication point for documents, contracts and notes.
  • Drive account specific corporate strategy to strengthen long-term relationships.

Thanks to Q & I for helping us not only in the development, but also the ongoing support and training to ensure its success.

Insurance Auto Auctions
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I want to thank you and your staff for your excellent support through the years. When we first began a working relationship, we were using Telemagic in our marketing department. At the time we had just updated from 4.0 and added a data sync and a remote location. For us, our earlier experience with Telemagic became affectionately known as Teltragic, that is until we called Q & I Computer Systems.

The Q & I team, through their Design Audit process/Expert Assistance / Technical Expertise were able to work with us and redesign the Telemagic for a more functional system.

We we decided to upgrade to a more robust CRM (Saleslogix Solution), of course there were no questions in our mind that we would call upon you and your staff. Q & I has been with us from start to finish. From planning, design, implementation, and training the team from Q & I and our network team have worked as team. And, being a healthcare organization, we faced many security issues.

As a result of their work and ours, we can proudly say that Saleslogix is the solution we were looking for in our marketing department. We continue to expand our wish list for Saleslogix and are counting on Q & I being with us every step of the way.

QualChoice University Hospitals Health System
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On Budget Delivery

Mr. Jonathan Schloo completed a sales leads tracking / follow-up system for us on a NOVELL network, using DBASE III+ and CLIPPER.

The system allows us to market our products more effectively, and to ensure that sales leads are followed up at the appropriate time. It also allows us to do specific mailings to a target market, based on different criteria.

His work was done efficiently, effectively, and within our budgetary requirements.

We have no hesitation in recommending him for DBASE or CLIPPER application projects, and will be using him ourselves in the future.

City Buick Pontiac Cadillac Ltd.
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Mr. Jonathan Schloo completed a dBASE / Clipper project for Canada Remote recently, involving our on-line pricing system.

His work was done efficiently, effectively, and within the budgetary constraints we placed on him.

We have no hesitation in recommending him for dBase application projects, and will be using him ourselves in the future.

Canada Remote Systems Limited
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Execeeded Expectations

I want to thank Q I Computer Systems Inc. for the support and assistance we received with resolving our TeleMagic database issues. Prior to working with your company, my staff experienced high levels of frustrations related to the poor performance of TeleMagic.

Thankfully, we were able to learn about your company’s services via the website and redeem the functionality that TeleMagic has to offer NC Kids. From our initial contact several months ago until present day, our experience with Q & I has been very positive and professional. More specifically, you have consistently offered high quality customer service to NC Kids from the diagnosis of the problems to offering working solutions. I sincerely appreciate the time you spent answering questions for our staff and following up with NC Kids once the resolution was implemented.

Presently, TeleMagic is offering exceptional performance for my staff, which enables us to provide services to the families and children we serve. I appreciate your patience and understanding with our particular database concerns. It is reassuring to our agency to be able to rely on your company for our database needs. Thanks again for your assistance!

NC Kids
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I want to thank you for your excellent support through out the years. You have installed and customized TeleMagic for us and in doing so, exceeded our expectations. Your knowledgeable staff has given is prompt and valuable support that has aided us through several stages of our system’s growth.

We have some employees with minimal experience in an automated environment. They have been able to work with TeleMagic after less than an hour of training. Our system is simple and effective thanks to your methodical implementation and expertise.

Your investment in TeleMagic and Q & I has definitely paid off. Again, I thank you on behalf of everyone at Sears Health Food & Fitness Shops.

Sears Health Food & Fitness Shops
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I want to take some time to thank the Q &I team for all of their hard work. We were hard pressed to complete a TeleMagic upgrade for Remuda Ranch last year. Q & I was able to upgrade TeleMagic in only one month. This allowed us to continue to maintain our TeleMagic database integrity and continue critical patient tracking into the year 2000. Good work Q & I and thank you for all of your hard work.

Remuda Ranch
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Prompt Response / Service

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Q & I Computer Systems Inc. for your expertise in the implementation of our CRM system, and for your ongoing support to maintain it. We enjoy working closely with your team. Together we were able to develop a highly effective sales and management tool for the Saint John contact centre.

The integration of a user-friendly CRM solution enables our reps to manage their territory and time more strategically. Now we can offer a more personal, customized level of service to our large customer base and an improvement in the level and nature of our management controls. Myself, and the other Xerox members working on this project appreciate the professionalism and attentiveness of the Q & I team. Your knowledgeable technicians continue to be responsive, flexible and willing to go the ‘extra mile.’

Xerox Canada
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It is with great pleasure that I recommend the computer services of Jonathan Schloo. Jonathan designed, programmed and installed a sophisticated database application which met our needs precisely.

Despite the site and complexity of our needs, Jonathan was able to develop the application required so simply that we needed less than one hour of training.

We really appreciate his very prompt response time to support requests, as well as his online modem support capabilities. Online support has saved me literally dozens of hours.

I have no hesitation recommending Jonathan. I would be pleased to answer any questions his prospective clients may have.

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During the Winter and Spring of 1987 we purchased an IBM XT computer to be utilized in running a small business, keeping lists of various things and to be used as a word processor. To assist with the purchase and installation and staff training of this equipment we utilized the services of Jonathan Schloo. We found Jonathan to be prompt, attentive and knowledgeable in the installation of this mini computer.

Hilltop Chapel
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Technical Support

In my twenty years of experience in CRM software, I know many problems can arise. On a daily basis I’m responsible for supporting over 200 users of your software both in North America and Europe, while continuing to achieve our corporate goals.

A recent experience comes to mind, when upgrading our CRM software last week Chris Cooke one of your technical support team gave us a heads up on an issue that the software vendor had not mentioned. With that heads up we were able to properly prepare for the upgrade. It saved us countless hours of work and frustration.

I just wanted to say thanks to you and your team for your excellent support and providing the Quality and Integrity in Q & I.

Brass Ring Career Events
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It is with pleasure that we would like to extend our congratulations to Q * I Systems Inc. for their professionalism exhibited during the installation and their personalized good service.

Also, we are extremely satisfied with the program performance and recommend this company to anyone who desires to purchase such a program.

RAM Security

Jonathan Schloo of Q & I Computer Systems Inc. has been providing services to CIPH for almost two years. He has created and maintained a unique and value database program. The database has proven to be reliable and easy to use and update.

Jonathan’s expertise and availability has given us faith in our computer systems. You will find him dependable and caring, provided you know what you require. Given the opportunity I know Jonathan can provide you with programs that are reliable, easy to use, and on budget.

Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating
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Paul and I wanted to let you know that we are very pleased with the work you did in the training and setting up our people on word processing. I think the proof is in the pudding; as everyone involved is using the system extensively and without great difficulty.

It would also appear that we would have a great deal of trouble wrestling the system away from those that are using it; so I must presume they are pleased with the results as well. I also think that this demonstrates that you were responsive to their needs and provided them with the appropriate level of support to make this implementation a success.

The AQ Financial Group
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Terrific Reports

In our business, the average rep as 10 accounts, works in 18 disciplines, and deals with 15 contacts in each discipline. On top of all of this, they need to be knowledgeable about all courses being offered, the titles in use, and familiar with our own current titles which total over several hundred. This means that the rep manages a huge amount of information for over 2,700 contacts on a regular basis!

Thus effective information management is key in our business. The integration of Telemagic into our sales process has made this possible. The reps are able to provide a higher level and more personalized level of service to the customer. In addition, Telemagic has enabled them to begin to manage their territory and time more strategically.

The main benefits that we derive from use of Telemagic includes increased productivity (measured in the number of calls and the quality of the calls), ability to provide more personal and customized service to our large customer base, and an improvement in the level and nature of our management controls.

Furthermore, the reps find Telemagic user-friendly!

Lastly, I would like to thank you and Benjamin for all the terrific support you have provided to us these past 2 years. You have been extremely responsive to our needs, made a terrific effort tot understand our business, and have contributed significantly towards helping us implement this software from both technical and human perspectives.

John Wiley & Sons Canada, Ltd.
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