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Quality Integrity’s Business Growth – Search Engine Optimization – SME CRM – American Marketing Advisor

Over the past 20 years, we have been continuously evolving, growing, adapting to market changes, the products we sell and the services we provide. Before looking indepth, below is one of those “water shed moments” that would go on to impact our business for years.

January 1996

Quality Integrity ventures out onto the Internet / World Wide Web. Our first web page beat the largest accounting software company in the world. The number of inbound leads exploded, demonstrating very early on the importance that the Internet would play going forward in generating high quality leads and sales.

20+ Years of Quality Integrity

  • 1986 Custom programming, natural talent and word of mouth, Quality & Integrity sets him apart
  • 1988 First Large Financial Client
  • 1991 Outbound telemarketing, six months to yellow pages, one new client $ 595, Decision something must change
  • 1992 Tried tradeshows, advertising, PR, supplier leads, grew slowly
  • 1994 Programming team expanded
  • 1996 First web page, top of internet for keywords, phone started ringing and sold nation wide
  • 1998 US clients became majority of revenue
  • 1999 9-9-99 and Y2K boom
  • 2000 Over 17 FTE and many contractors
  • 2001 Recession proof marketing, Many Competitors fold creating orphans, we continue thrive with people finding us on internet.
  • 2002 Google grows becomes larger player, majority of internet leads
  • 2003 Launch 56 Keyword sites, Compete and win against competitors and suppliers
  • 2004 Vertical CRM launched
  • 2005 Recurring revenue increases
  • 2006 Large new clients, SEO commoditized, expertise more valued then ever
  • 2007 Economy changes – Who wants lower cost per lead?