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  • 1986
    Quality Integrity started producing custom software applications for clients that needed sales, contact management, telemarketing and customer relationship management software solutions.

    Our goal for clients has always been to enable them to turn more prospects into customers, keep all data in one place, streamline the sales conversion processes, increases effective communication with potential and existing customers. Achieving these goals with stunning successes has enabled us to call companies like Sears, Xerox, Ups, Berkshire Hathaway, GreenPark, and divisions of Warren Buffet owned companies (one of the richest men in the world) as our clients.
  • 1996
    Quality Integrity Toronto’s Original Top Internet Marketing Company achieved first top ranking at Yahoo (that was founded and before Google) in 1998.

    We consistently place at the Top of Google-Yahoo, we are the original Internet Marketing Sages whom have helped launch 3 very successful web companies with award winning designers and top of University of Toronto Computer Science Technical Team.

    Quality Integrity creates powerful Customer Relationship Management systems, drawing from an experienced and reliable team that do it right the first time. Increase your revenue and profit.
  • 2006
    Headquartered in Toronto and New York with additional partners across North America, Europe and Asia, since our founding in 1986, we attracted through our Swiss quality trained management dynamic growing teams in Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Arizona, Massetusus, Oregon, California, Argentina, Holland, Germany and Switzerland.

    Thanks to our support team of Harold, Jeremy, Alan, Matt, Fernando, Guy, Jeff, Alex, Paul, Mark, Daniel, Jerry, Anna, Helen, +all past employees.