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ACT CRM integration offers capabilities to integrate with popular word processing software, email and spreadsheet software. ACT CRM Integration works with below mentioned software.


ActWise offers calendar and email integration between Novell Groupwise and ACT CRM software.  Using ActWise users can use Groupwise instead of Microsoft Outlook for sending and receiving emails from their ACT contacts and users can do this even without opening ACT Email wizard.

GatorMail Premium for Email Marketing

Using ACT CRM contact data, users can create campaign audience and generate groups. After this groups are sent to the GatorMail using web services. Once you have defined campaign audience, then you have to select proper email template from GatorMail Lite. GatorMail is capable of tracking clicks, email opens, un-subscriptions and bounced emails. This information is captured back to contacts in your ACT database. This activity helps you to build more effective campaign in future.