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ACT! software the 25 plus year old by Swiftpage is one of the most popular contact managers that has now become the CRM ideal for small teams of people 1 to 10+ users.  Ideal for individuals and small teams that need a electronic Rolodex and follow-up type system.  Act’s feature set is one of the best for the low price of a few $100 per user, one time cost.  Act can also now be hosted on line, or installed on your own computers for the lowest total cost of ownership.  Act was designed by salespeople for salespeople and sold so well that it has millions of loyal followers. 

Act CRM limitations are generally seen in the reporting, and integration to other key business systems, both can be done with considerable work.  For over a decade Acts has been the most popular contact management program on the market.  Act sales ease, or ease of use is the top for salespeople because it is so simple to use and the deFacto standard.  The technology behind Act was a little bit older but now is up to date sufficient for straightforward and simple sales, phone numbers, emails, notes, to do, documents, etc.   LinkedIn, Google and Outlook are all integrated.  Act lets you avoid all the typical complex CRM pitfalls and technical stuff.  Because it is so easy to use you get more done in less time.