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Bread Crumb

If you want to know more about Crm reviews and understand the whole process of the top CRM solutions, you have come to the right place. If you don’t know much about your business than you must find out now more how to be successful through the CRM reviews.

1. CRM Audit / Design Audit

This service will help you understand your business needs. We call this our Design Audit. If you decide to work with the Crm team, you will get to know the people there but most importantly they will get to know you and your business. Together you can review step by step each part of the business. Decision making can be difficult, but we will work with you to understand your business and improve your bottom line.

2. Analyzing your information

This is also a very relevant service that Crm provides, which you have to consider if you own a business. They will look at and assess all your current systems such as databases, spreadsheets, backend feeds and more. They will also take care of productivity processes, communication tools and system infrastructure.

3. Determining the best CRM

When it comes to this service, we provide a basic comparison of leading CRM solutions, in the Design Audit, we can focus on a specific CRM vendor or assist in creating a shortlist of vendors and solutions like Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Saleslogix CRM, Goldmine, etc. The CRM Audit / Design Audit information includes many things such as the CRM cost, the size of sales force, service personnel or system requirements. Further on they also base their recommendations on such information as out of the box functionality and rigorous prototyping. We can help you overcome your CRM challenges.

4. Customizing Reports

Customizing reports is a service that is relevant for many reasons. In order to determine the requirements that meet both management teams and reps reporting needs, they customize and deliver strategic objectives. Getting this information in time is relevant if you want to make changes according to the changes that happen on the market.

5. Integrating CRM Solution

This service includes creating a CRM project plan with the correct quality assurance tests. This is done in order to be sure that the CRM project is delivered on time. You will be able to work together with the most skillful team, gaining experience and skill as you do so.

6. Training your Team

More important than many people think, CRM training is a highly relevant factor in keeping sales reps honest and good management reports. You will need team training if you want to be successful: it will instantly speed user adoption, increase compliance and it has many other benefits. For additional reading on CRM training, read our CRM Training article.

7. Support your CRM Solution.

You can count on the help of our CRM support team, no matter what your need is. They can help you with technical question or other problems and needs such as optimizing sales.

Integrating a CRM software solution is a significant investment for any company. At Quality Integrity, our CRM Audit / Design Audit will remove the guesswork and provide a sound plan for your business to ensure that you integrate the right CRM, and that your CRM is working for you. Call Quality Integrity today before integrating your CRM solution.