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Oracle CRM is one of the best solutions suitable for enterprises with thousands of employees, and which has been successfully used by small and medium sized companies all around the world in the last few years. Besides being one of the CRM solutions, Oracle CRM is a customer relationship management application created by Oracle Corporation. Here you can find out more information about this application and also about Oracle Siecel CRM and Oracle CRM on demand.

This CRM solutions is used by companies for various reasons and it has a lot of benefits. Oracle CRM solutions offer their benefits to help organizations increase sales, help with marketing, loyalty and make the business more effective. Your business can get more productive if you use Oracle CRM with integrated sales and marketing, industry specific solutions and mobile integration. It offers you adaptive business planning as well, which is the goal of many small businesses.

Most businesses that use Oracle CRM can easily plan, build, and distribute data-rich business intelligence reports. The software enables you to strategically plan your reports, format, sort, filter, and modify report data, apply logic and transform data with column formulas, manage reports and control access, format report title and table views, add charts, graphs, pivot tables, filter prompts, and interactivity to reports, configure advanced views and create custom dashboards and use column formulas with numeric, date and time, and text data.

Oracle CRM is constantly evolving and its best applications are Oracle’s Siebel CRM and Oracle CRM on Demand. They are both used by businesses for similar purposes as Oracle CRM, but they have other features that make them relevant. Here are a few of them shortly.

The features of Oracle’s Siebel CRM include customer data integration, quote and order capture, partner relationship management, social CRM, Business Intelligence (BI) applications, price management, CRM gadgets, self service and eBilling and also integration to Siebel CRM.

Oracle CRM On Demand offers similar and identical features as Siebel CRM does. The interface of Oracle CRM on demand has been adapted to give the same look as Microsoft Outlook, which makes it easier to learn and use. If focuses of Oracle’s play in the CRM SaaS solution segment . It includes tools for landing pages and microsites, digital prospect tracking, progressive profiling, lead scoring, email marketing, nurture campaigns, automated distribution of sales-ready leads to the sales team and marketing analytics.

After reading this sort description and review of Oracle CRM and its applications Oracle Siebel CRM and Oracle CRM on Demand you can surely see why are these CRM solutions indispensable for many companies. Contact the Quality Integrity CRM experts to help build a CRM integration plan with a CRM Design Audit.