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All of the CRM solutions have their benefits and their functions that are indispensable in an enterprise. When things have to be done fast and efficiently, then good software and application can help more than you might think. SAP CRM is such an application, that makes many things much easier for companies you decide to use it.

But what exactly is SAP CRM and what is it used for? The SAP CRM is an application, more precisely an integrated customer relationship management software. It was created by SAP AG, an expert in business software for midsize and large organizations and businesses.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is made up of applications and tools, and it was created to make sure that businesses can do everything in a more convenient way, it helps managing customer relationship in a more organized manner. SAP CRM is the CRM tool provided by SAP. It is used for managing the day to day operations, logistics, finances, month end, quarter end and yearly activities, reporting and many other things. This are all daily operations at a company, and using such a tool as SAP makes the job easier for the employees. SAP stands for Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing. It has been created and developed by 5 IBM engineers.

SAP’s CRM solution has many modules and it is used in various areas of business. The most known of the SAP CRM modules is the SAP CRM Marketing, SAP CRM Analysis, SAP CRM Service, SAP CRM Sales, SAP CRM Web Channel (which includes E-Commerce, E-Marketing and E-Service), SAP CRM Interaction Center, SAP CRM Partner Channel Management.

Using SAP CRM allows you to do a lot of things easily by using a toolbar. This makes it possible to do everything in just a clicks for example you can navigate between all transactions created between contacts, creates a follow up ticket and links it to the parent one and so on. All activities and reports can be arranged in a matter of seconds if you use this application.

To find our more information about SAP CRM or other CRM solutions, you should visit the website of Quality Integrity. There you can also understand why is this tool so important. If you go further on and look around the website, you will see the main differences between business solutions and applications. There is a free trial version of SAP CRM online that you can try to get convinced of its importance.