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Open source CRM software (also known as OSS) is software that is free to all users; it can be improved or changed by anyone. Also known as freeware, open source software starts as a single person or group writing their own code and making it available under a certain copyright license that meets the Open Source Definition. While this is a great thing from many points of view, it can be also dangerous for your computer. But let’s see the main advantages and disadvantages of the customer relationship management open source software.

Stability is one of the advantages of such software. They don’t crash as often as other programs do, and when they do it will usually not harm other processes. Possibly the biggest advantage of open source software is the fact that everybody has the right to modify and tweak the source code. This implies that the code can be implemented in other pieces of software and it can be adapted to various environments. OSS usually has many useful features, implemented by people who use the software daily and know what would be useful features in the software.

Another advantage is connected to costs: source software is usually free, and there is no profit to be made, new versions are being released all the time. They are free to use, free to distribute, and free to modify. This makes them available for the general public who use CRM software and it surely is a reason for their popularity.

Another advantage of open source software is that a lot of people have access to the code. Access to underlying source code means users can detect and fix programming bugs. This also means there are a large number of sources for support.

Naturally open source software also have their disadvantages. Just as development is free and encouraged in open source, it is also not compulsory. A large disadvantage to open source software is that as so many developments are going on at the same time it is hard to keep track of which version is the most up to date. This happens also because advertising is not relevant in the open source industry, since most developers are non-profit making. This lack of advertising also makes it more difficult to follow the development of the program. Due to the hundreds or even thousands of people working and releasing new versions of the software, it is almost impossible to be sure what version you’re working with and exactly what it does.