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Thanks to Sage CRM you can revolutionize the way you manage your business in just a few easy steps. Sage CRM is a full-featured, web-based CRM solution that is easy to use and quick to deploy, easily adaptable and customizable according to the changing needs of your business. There are many customers each day that use Sage CRM to help their sales, marketing, and customer service teams build more profitable relationships every day. Sage CRM is surely one of the best applications of CRM that can create a better relationship between the business and the clients. Besides helping increase sales, it offers front- to back-office integration across CRM and ERP. Thanks to its tools data can easily be managed and shared across many departments. This way customers and member of the company as well will always be aware of the changing of data and of other important information.

SageCRM is hosted by Sage. Sage has concentrated on providing software to improve businesses ever since they appeared in the business world. Sage CRM is one of their applications that is a good example to the extensive expertise of Sage and of their aim to provide outstanding benefits for small and medium sized businesses. The latest version of Sage CRM which was version 7, was released in 2010.

The key benefits of Sage CRM are listed here, so if you don’t have this application yet it is time to know more about it. Unlike many people think, most of the CRM applications are easy to use. CRM Sage is no exception either. It is recognized by thousands of customers worldwide as easy-to-use. Teams can easily personalize their workspace and quickly navigate their way around the system thanks to the innate usability of Sage CRM and

Sage CRM has an extensive range of tools and functions to help your sales team. It helps them identify sales opportunities; it can manage leads and even automate sales processes. Sage CRM will also provide in-depth customer intelligence and analysis, capturing and tracking information in real-time.

This applications is also quick to deploy, therefore you can enjoy its benefits right away. It is able to deliver rapid return on investment. If you go on-demand you can get started immediately. Since it was made for businesses who always have different needs, this application is easily customizable. Out-of-the-box workflow can be customized to reflect your business processes in just a few easy steps. It is also easily customizable for integration with third party applications, speeding up deployment time and reducing the total cost of ownership.