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The SalesForce Customer Mobile module of the CRM Suite is one of the multi-industry CRM solutions. It helps you connect sales representatives with their customer information. In the same time is is successfully delivering rich functionality using the convenience of cellular wireless technologies.

The Salesforce mobile CRM key features are the following: opportunity management, handwriting recognition, account & contact management, calendar & activity management, one-click dialing, ticket management, multiple synchronization options, lookups & groups and pocket outlook integration.

Now you also have the chance to take part in the customized SalesForce Training. The training courses are grouped into five packages. The General SalesForce Training provides trainees with a chance to find out more about the SalesForce Customer Relationship Management. The goal of this course is to be able to use SalesForce and here are a few of the course segments: Working with lists in SalesForce, Getting Started with SalesForce and Moving Around the CRM, Working with SalesForce and Microsoft Outlook, Finding Information in SalesForce CRM, Adding Customer Information, Using My Preference and My Dashboard in SalesForce, Campaign Management, Using SalesForce CRM Core Features, Lead Management, Target Lists, Managing Documents, Outbound Call Handling, and Running Reports in SalesForce CRM.

The Sales Cloud belongs to the Sales Force Solutions. It helps you make things much easier, it puts everything you need at your fingertips, and it is available anywhere. Sales Clouds offers a lot of things, and here you can find out just about a small section of that. You even have the chance to try a trial version of this software to get convinced of its importance. The Sales Cloud Chatter can connect you with people in your company no matter where you are to get the info you need in real time so you can focus on selling.

Thanks to Sales Cloud you will also be able to have all accounts and contacts in one place, all the information you need to know about your customers and prospects. You will also have the access to a mobile application that enables you to stay connected to your deals wherever you are. This Sales Force solutions was made to align sales and marketing in order to drive better quality leads for example leads from the social web.

Basically by using this Sales Force product you can make sure that nothing stops your sales, on the contrary. You can easily drag and drop to create processes through Sales Cloud.

The AppExchange in the same time connects you with thousands of sales apps, social enterprise tools, and also expert services. Used also for analytics and forecasting you will easily be able to view and share business insights thanks to the Sales Force CRM.