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There are many advantages of open-source software, a fact that is also proven by their popularity. First of all they are useful when it comes to money. They have lower development cost, which means you can save money thanks to them, because individuals and smaller companies have the chance of reducing the number of programmers they have to pay for. They are also useful in bug detection and correction, a problem that many companies have to face that work online. With more people viewing the code from more diverse backgrounds, bugs will be found and fixed much faster, thus the risk of getting infected with viruses is much lower. Stability is another pro of open source software. There is also another big advantage of open… Continue reading

The ideal settings for a CRM program are not always so easy to find. While there are initial settings that work quite well, customizable programs have the benefit of being personalized if used correctly. Before getting started with load balancing, installation and configuration planning is needed. For more information and guidelines, installation and configuration for a CRM system is described in the guide, and it is also always possible to call for support.

Here you can read about installing Microsoft CRM, and the particular steps you should pay attention to. This description will help you with other CRM products as well.

For a Microsoft Dynamics CRM you will need various components of the program running while you are installing it. The base configuration typically uses… Continue reading

Web CRM can keep detailed records of your contacts and accounts, help you and your employees share opportunities and collaborate with co-workers, with its help you can create events such as meetings and tasks, and you can also easily add notes to everything you want in just a few clicks.

With web based CRM you can manage your leads and convert them into opportunities, streamline sales and marketing processes, control permissions for all of data and access a history of account interactions.

Web based CRM has a lot of advantages. First of all, no need to worry about servers and such things: you and your company doesn’t need to buy servers anymore, no expensive software either, no backup solutions to pay for and no other… Continue reading

 “We have a issue with our security services a desktop client is not authorized to connect directly to a DB server. So our SLX network client try to do this.  May be a wrong configuration on Saleslogix client network or on SLX server…? The Saleslogix web solution would require a server to support Internet Information Services (IIS7), The website is built and deployed using the “Saleslogix Application Architect” this module serves the same purpose as the current “Architect” for the network client you are using. Once the site is configured and deployed to the web server, users would access the same Saleslogix database via a web browser, no SLX client software would need to be installed on the desktop. The web client offers… Continue reading

Sage ACT!, also known as ACT!  is a customer relationship management application which was created and which is used worldwide to keep track of client and prospect details in a single database that can be shared by multiple users. This means that the same information which is vital for your company can be shared and used through all the company, no matter how many departments it has. The program makes data available and ready to be used to all employees.

Sage ACT! CRM is easy to use and easy to adapt to the needs of the company, because it integrates with well known programs such as with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel,Outlook, and other popular applications. These programs are useful in order to generate and… Continue reading

Goldmine CRM is an affordable solution for small and medium organizations. It is used worldwide, being one of the most popular small business CRM solutions in the market but also being used by middle sized enterprises. This CRM software is used for contact management, schedule management, document management, opportunity management, team-based collaboration, reporting, customer service & support and customer self-service as well. It is one of the most powerful and most popular customer relationship management solutions designed to address the needs of small and mid-sized businesses. Companies and businesses can increase their sales and make their marketing more efficient by using the automation capabilities of Goldmine to enhance the way they win and retain customers. All of this happens in a cost saving way, and… Continue reading

Sugar CRM is one of the world’s leading providers of commercial open source customer relationship management (CRM) software. While some CRM products are only used by small companies, Sugar CRM is suitable for companies of all sizes, making it stand out among other CRM tools and software. Sugar CRM has various benefits that make it popular all around the globe. This software easily adapts to any business environment by offering a different, flexible, cost-effective alternative to other applications that have been used by companies before.

Sugar CRM is a customer relationship manager program, being a software that allows companies to more easily customize and integrate customer related business processes. This way enterprises and businesses can easily build and maintain more profitable relationships with their clients,… Continue reading

Saleslogix is a CRM software program created by Sage, a company known world wide. This software is designed to help enterprises manage customer information and streamline business processes. Saleslogix CRM has been created especially for mid-sized businesses. This great software offers organization features and actions that are designed to part of a company’s overall CRM program. Thanks to such software companies can create a better relationship with their clients, thus increase sales and have a more successful business. Saleslogix is a standalone software program. It delivers easy-to-use and integrated sales, marketing, customer service and support automation solutions that can be tailored to an organization’s unique customer acquisition and development processes as well.

Saleslogix has a lot of features that companies find indispensable. Even though there… Continue reading

MS Outlook is a program that made business much easier for a lot of companies before and today as well. It is in the same time one of the best software that will be used for sure in the future as well. The Microsoft Outlook CRM program helps workers access the service modules, marketing and sales in order to come up with solutions involving market products, help increase sales and make your business more successful. Thanks to this program you will definitely not fear the risk of losing your business or losing your money and investments.

The Microsoft Outlook CRM is the easiest and fastest way to make flourish any type of business that you are in. The best thing about this program is that… Continue reading

  1. Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  2. Salesforce Cloud Hosted CRM
  3. Swiftpage SageSaleslogix CRM

First let’s see what each of them have to give separately. Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-line software is the perfect access point for your company to finally adopt CRM tools. It is similar to Microsoft programs and therefore it can be easily integrated. Moreover, since it resembles many programs that you know, you require less training to use this software. Microsoft Dynamics customer relationship management solutions help your sales, marketing, and field-service teams track customer activity, improve sales effectiveness, provide superior customer service, and build more profitable customer relationships.

SalesForce is another one of the top CRM products. It continues to innovate and expand, and this is why there are more version of the software, each… Continue reading