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Get more out of your CRM. You have arrived at the right place for help with CRM, get our 25 years of Superior CRM Expertise working for you.

Practical and Prompt, including advice on challenging CRM issues. Access to complementary coaching and mentoring for non CRM professionals. Review of existing CRM issues.

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One time plan

$995 one time

  • Web special introductory promo $895 for 5 hours
  • All hours from any of our packages are used at your convenience in 15 minute increments, unused time rolls forward and never expires.


Monthly plan

$795 per month

  • Upgrade to Monthly plan and save $$$
  • Save more over 6 months it includes up to 30 rolling hours of professional services. Approx. 5 hours per month for companies up to 50 CRM users.
  • Ideal if you cannot justify a full time CRM Expert, CRM trainer, CRM developer, CRM Business Analyst or CRM support team, and yet would like to make continual progress and free your team up to focus on what’s most important to your success.
  • Bonus Monthly Open Roundtable Lunch n Learn web training and help. Limited time offer.

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