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Before you decide which CRM solution to choose, you have to think about a few things regarding your business. You have to know for example how many team members will be using the program, what other applications you want to use with the CRM solution ( for example if you need Microsoft Outlook you need a solution that is compatible with it), what are your reporting requirements such as pipeline status, sales funnel and so on. You also have to think whether you would rather have a “cloud” solution or a stand-alone software CRM. The vast majority of the CRM solutions today are cloud solutions.

The best CRM for your company depends on the kinds of prospects and types of contacts that you have. This is why it is difficult to say which CRM is the best one for you. The CRM that you choose should also have a suitable customization at the user-level, one that lets you hide fields you don’t use, rename fields, and move fields around.

One of the CRM solutions that is recommended is WORKetc. This customer relationship management program is more than just a CRM software. Besides dealing with data and handling information that is relevant for your company, it also integrates a full set of business management features to allow a business to manage the entire client life cycle in one place. By doing this it makes it possible for the company to handle all data related to customers in a very easy way. This CRM product is powerful and close to the potential of the best CRM solutions such as Saleslogix or Sugar CRM, but it is more affordable.

WORKetc is suitable for many types of businesses and if you are not sure how CRM works, than this is the best program to buy because it combines CRM, project management, billing, time tracking, support, and reporting into one Google Apps integrated collaborative suite. This is why many companies decide to choose this solution first instead of other more expensive solutions. After getting to know how CRM works you can also get one of the more popular CRM software such as Saleslogix or SalesForce. With WORKetc you can bring in leads, manage your sales pipeline, win a sale, then convert it into a project, quote, or invoice. You can also easily collaborate on projects with clients, manage data across all departments of the company.