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Bread Crumb

While these solutions work for one-person shops or highly independent sales representatives, these solutions are not recommended for larger sales teams or where central retention of sales contacts is important.

Quality Integrity can guide you in selecting the right capabilities of Contact Managers or more robust Customer Relationship Management solutions on the market. We have 20+ years of experience with a user adoption rate of 97% – We know how to maximize your investment in technology.

Quality Integrity Contact Manager Recommendations

We recommend two software solutions:


  • + almost everyone has it, everyone knows it, market share, native Microsoft abilities
  • + rich feature set with simple folder sorting grouping and searching capabilities, refined and effective messaging and scheduling capabilities
  • + it is Microsoft, strongest Brand and core of Micrsoft’s Office product line
  • - no sales process or work flow capabilities
  • - vulnerability to performance errors and viruses when customized
  • - now all you need is a browser pure web based program

ACT! BY Swiftpage

  • + extremely popular brand with over 4 million users almost 10 times the number of users compared to any competitor
  • + lowest risk for small independent sales teams with thousands of add on products to extend it
  • + minimal training cost due to most sales reps having experience with it
  • - database performance wall often over 20,000 records
  • - limited reporting capabilities, contact centric vs. opportunity centric
  • - designed for independent sales reps contact management needs, lacks some advanced sales work group functionality