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Quality Integrity Inc. – being easy to reach gives marketing firm an edge

For me, the best measurable result is that when I walk into my office, I almost never see the red message waiting light. There’s no pile of messages.

Jonathan Schloo, CEO, Quality Integrity Inc.


  • North America’s largest CRM and Internet marketing consulting organization had a vision to deliver the best possible customer phone experience
  • The firm’s aging PBX could no longer deliver on that vision
  • To provide maximum convenience for customers and minimum disruption for employees, Quality Integrity was adamant that any new system offer a wide range of leading-edge features
  • One of the most important features was simultaneous ringing, where a customer could dial one number and reach employees on their office, home, mobile, hotel or any other phone


  • The CEO of Quality Integrity researched the market and discovered that TELUS IP-One offers all the features his firm wanted, including “Find Me/Follow Me”
  • He attended a live demonstration of TELUS IP-One and made the decision to adopt the solution

business benefits

  • Customers can reach employees anywhere, anytime, even if they’ve dialed old numbers
  • Cutting the number of voice mail messages to almost zero has increased customer satisfaction and freed employees to be more productive, instead of playing phone tag
  • On rare occasions when messages are left, employees find them much easier to manage
  • When they call from outside, employees still appear to be calling from the office, enhancing the firm’s professional image
  • TELUS IP-One integrates with products offered by Quality Integrity, adding to the power of its own solutions
  • Because TELUS IP-One is a hosted solution, Quality Integrity never has to worry about outgrowing it or running out of lines

solution details

Established in 1986, Quality Integrity is North America’s largest CRM and Internet marketing management consulting organization focused on sales, marketing and customer service with Microsoft CRM, TeleMagic, Sage CRM and Saleslogix. Quality Integrity works with its clients delivering new customers, increased sales, greater efficiency, higher profit and improved productivity.

For its own customer service needs, Quality Integrity had a clear vision: to provide the best possible customer phone experience, along with maximum convenience and minimum disruption for Quality Integrity’s employees. Knowing the company’s aging PBX system could no longer deliver on that vision, CEO Jonathan Schloo had started the search for a replacement. Together with many other requirements, he was adamant that the new system be capable of simultaneously ringing his office desk phone, cell phone and home office line, ensuring that customers get through anytime and anywhere.

Searching for “parallel ringing” on the Internet, Schloo discovered that the Find Me/Follow Me feature provided by TELUS IP-One can do exactly what he wanted. Coincidentally, he also received an invitation to attend a demonstration of TELUS IP-One in downtown Toronto. After a live demonstration he was sold. In October, 2004, Quality Integrity went live with IP-One.

“Now, when someone calls our main number and dials the employee’s extension, it simultaneously rings their office phone, cell phone and home phone,” says Schloo, “It’s a real plus for us because it reduces the amount of phone tag and voice mails people have to reply to.” What’s more, when employees call from outside the office, the call is identified as coming from Quality Integrity, projecting a thoroughly professional image.

As an added benefit, in addition to Microsoft Outlook, TELUS IP-One integrates Internet Marketing with CRM. Quality Integrity not only offers these products to its customers, its own people use them too. “Our employees can manage their time better, they can track messages, work with them, prioritize and organize them,” says Schloo. “And while we’re listening to a message, we can press and the system will automatically dial the caller. It’s a real time saver.”

Over the years, a number of Quality Integrity employees had amassed private phone numbers and different extension numbers. TELUS IP-One was capable of capturing them all. Says Schloo: “Customers can now call me on an old phone number I had 15 years ago, our 1-800 number or my new direct number and they’ll reach me. It’s a great platform because we don’t have to tell people ‘Our menu has changed, please listen carefully.'”

Quality Integrity offers Internet Marketing and CRM as a hosted service to its own customers, so choosing a hosted service was not a big leap for them. Schloo knew he would never have to worry about whether Quality Integrity has enough lines, nor would he need to be concerned about backing up, maintaining and managing the system, or upgrading it. It’s been an ideal fit from day one.

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