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Customer Relationship Management and Sales Force Automation software solutions

Quality Integrity has been successfully deploying CRM and SFA solutions for companies of all sizes with nearly 20 years of experience and one of the highest user adoption rates in the industry, 3% shy of perfection ‘ that’s right ‘ 97% user adoption in an industry that averages ~60%.

When we make recommendations or provide analysis of solutions, its backed up by experience, not just talking points provided by the software developer, we know what works and what does not. We make recommendations with integrity to you ‘ its in our name and what we have.

Quality Integrity CRM & SFA Recommendations

When considering customer relationship management solutions and sales force automation software we recommend you evaluate the below offerings. Before investing in a solution, we recommend our Design Audit that will assist you in making the correct purchase.


  • + on demand hosted provider just turn it on and you are running with a basic system, same as every other business
  • + no IT, quick basic implementation, responsiveness of direct sales and marketing brand growth
  • + apex exchange of bolt-ons and political connections in Washington
  • - 1 to 3 year locked in agreements, additional costs, rent forever no buy option, 66% of customers supplement with another crm or open to switch
  • - product capabilities, data storage limits, poor mobile, offline functionality, deduplication, back office integration
  • - poor strategic planning tools, lack of consolidated reporting, mass, non personalized technical support and training


  • + quick deployment, well designed comprehensive flexible product offering from the makers of ACT
  • + lowest cost, rent on demand or own on premise option, powerful customization and freedom of choice integrated to the most back office systems
  • + low risk solution, from the # 3 CRM Producer SAGE # 3 (SAP#1, ORACLE#2)
  • - fewer online integrated list broker service offerings
  • - low level responding sales people due to the technical orientation of the company and their multi-brand and multi product line approach
  • - less marketing awareness and buzz due to high investment in full product functionality and integration


  • + open source customization architecture, extensive PHP, MySQL, and Apache Web server capabilities
  • + good for smaller teams of sales reps with low cost or no cost IT departments
  • + allows for interested internal technical resources to be fully utilized without vendor interference
  • - problems are connected with files permissions and database issues
  • - manually overwriting files may result in various errors, especially when testing other new open source code
  • - flexibility and do it your self attitude often results in implementation creep pushed by sales wishes or IT


  • + rapidly deployable and easy-to-use tool to centralize data for team based selling
  • + service desk specifically heat integration strengths, strong automated timed sales processes for email
  • + good basic contact management features for small sales teams, with free industry templates
  • - GoldSync problems chronic synchronization issues continue in current editions
  • - limited online web based functionality
  • - some legacy code structural problems limiting new product feature enhancements


  • + easy to use as outlook office
  • + easy to configure .net (customization is a dirty word)
  • + uses technology you have now “It is Microsoft”
  • - lots of folders confusing
  • - lots of clicking overly simple screens
  • - lots of required technology if you don’t have


  • + sales process and opportunity centric system with stable fully customizable client server architecture, with top the truly mobile devices and blackberry offerings
  • + created by the inventor of ACT for sales teams and sale managers to bring all data required to sell into one place in a simple effective yet powerful way
  • + low risk solution, from the # 3 CRM Producer SAGE # 3 (SAP#1, ORACLE#2)
  • - not a pure web based application
  • - some of its resellers are small finger point and fail to plan and then often overcharge for customizations
  • - does not perform well past the 10 000 user or 2 Billion record user mark as SAP and Oracle Continue to perform