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SAAS  software as a service is a new approach to buying and selling software programs. Traditionally you would buy software and install it on your computers and pay annual maintenance and support contracts or upgrade fees.

Now software as a service allows you to rent or lease software monthly or on a yearly basis with no upgrade fees and minimal if any, hardware costs for the central server.

Salesforce, Sage CRM and online CRM were leaders in the space. Now almost every one of the top CRM packages allow you to get CRM OnDemand as a service. This can greatly reduce your IT costs initially.  Long-term it continues to be more expensive to rent than to own software but the low up front product costs, make it attractive. Software as a service is not appropriate for all business-to-business companies and all CRM’s.  It relies on you having a good connection to the internet but if you have reps or team members that work disconnected from the internet or in remote locations, from time to time this software as a service, has serious drawbacks. The beauty of software as a service is that there are typically no upgrades and no server maintenance tasks to perform.  All this is done centrally by the CRM software manufacturer or publisher.