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Let our Design Audit help you decide?

CRM Design Audit Saves you time and money and get the expertise you need

Similar to how an architect would design a custom home or addition for you, we start listening to fully understand your business goals and personal wins, gains and pains and current system problems. We listen to reps and key stakeholders understanding business processes and answering, what is in it for me as a rep. Creating a vision together produces a clear blue print, planning everything you need to produce the return and results your investors require.

Google ‘CRM failure’ and you will see over 6 million results, the stakes are high

  • 1 out of 3 users dislike CRM
  • 75% CRMs fail to meet goals
Design Audits Eliminate CRM risks because we meet with Users and IT to understand their needs, we mine Executive needs and set the vision.  If  you do it right you get “rich deep relationships”   We can then lay a solid foundation so you can be confident you have the best CRM Design Strategy, build and training to maximize CRM relationship ROI.   We don’t just pave the goat path, CRM done right automates processes, improves workflow and relationship building activities.   Unlike most CRM service providers, we do we promise, thanks to our CRM Design Audit, it is the best first step because we figure out:  What is in it for Management, Users and IT and the real cost.  Which lets us do what we love, making technology work, helping you grow, CRM done right makes people smile and brings them closer together.   We are not the cheapest, but we do achieve the highest CRM ROI and reporting accuracy because of our CRM Design Audit and Quality Integrity process that make it work, done by our seasoned professionals.   Which simply means you gain the most from your CRM.


You will find great value in the Design Audit as others similar to you have. You probably also want accountable marketing, reliable lead follow-up, better internal communication, and a consistent efficient sales process that does more. Successful Sales Managers grow sales revenue, keep and attract better quality new customers, and use technology that works to get reps to sell more in less time. Quality Integrity invented the 3rd party Design Audit that neutrally balances Management, Sales Reps and IT needs. We obtain sales rep buy in early, plus design, implement, and train the right way to achieve 97% sales rep adoption. We are the only company with Proactive Support.

Our most successful clients including Warren Buffet Companies have one thing in common they pay more attention to strategic sales systems planning and determine the return on investment with us, before they invest. Several of Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK) – Warren Buffet companies, continue to acquire and integrate businesses that, sell direct, and through a channel, as you can imagine this creates complexities.


Starting with our Design Audit Process

With Berkshire Hathaway, we implemented a CRM database to manage customer account, contact and opportunity data for the inside sales team to take care of daily details and leverage the outside field sales, to focus on strategy and market share issues.

  • All sales activity data and reporting is in one system monitoring volume and trigger automated selling follow-up processes.
  • They have stopped quoting against themselves and now have immediate access to specific customer and daily price quote spreadsheets.
  • New targeted product launch and marketing campaigns, are planned, executed and tracked, with sales effectiveness and complaint tracking.
  • All the notes, excel spreadsheets, word documents and power point presentations are in one place connected to the customer and shared internally.
  • Searchable corporate wide knowledge has greatly improved customer response times.
  • Reports now track win/loss ratios, expiration renewal dates, volume of opportunities by product and time frame, competitive pricing reports, total daily deviation, percentage of business with the customer, key performance indicators, six sigma metrics, and direct product sales to date grids and much much more.

“For over 4 years Quality Integrity significantly contributed to a 14% increase in revenue and a 19% increase in earnings annually.”

Software or on Demand Services are NOT enough

SFA and CRM Software Salesmen, and on demand hosted Salesmen, fight brand wars, feature wars, and price wars and rarely have the experience to achieve managements goals with full user adoption and buy in. Our ingrained Swiss Quality and Unbiased Neutrality allow us to work with and recommend the best for you through our Design Audit.

Management Power is NOT enough

“Use it or your fired!” Back in the early 1990′s Management at one of the countries Largest Publishers, figured out the reports they wanted to run their business, they invested heavily and got the best IBM technology, hired us to implement it, flew us to Bermuda in January to train their people and decided each rep must fill out 500 fields on each sales call, to drive the reports they wanted. You guessed the result. Failure!  We had to rescue and redo it balancing Management, User and IT needs to turn it into a success.

Contact Management is NOT enough

Another recent manufacturing and distribution client had a investor mandate to grow by over 12% per year. To do this the CEO needed full visibility to sales rep relationship and opportunity data. When a rep left or even if they stayed the old grass roots ACT contact manager and Outlook emails were not captured and reported. The CEO had to ask the VP of Sales for sales activity and sales forecasts, who asked the regional managers, who asked the reps, who sometimes would ask customers or guess which of the many products customers may or may not buy in the future. Now due to our unique training and full sales rep adoption, opportunity prioritization plans are developed with customers and the forecasts are accurate timely and visible all the way to the top, supporting the right management decisions.

Money is NOT enough

Another of Canada’s Top Ten Financial institutions came to us, they liked our concept, bought and then decided to use their very large technical resources and ability to practically print money to implement themselves. You guessed the result… little success. Several months later they called and said, “you know that Design Audit Process we skipped we would like to-do it” We got them on the right track. We built new innovative sales processes and activity triggers to help them expand, and now they have it on new mobile Blackberries.

25 Years and Counting ..

For over 25 years we have been listening to customers and through the Design Audit Process attracting growing sales teams of 5 to 500 that need simple to use and powerful strategic sales systems. Senior Systems Architects listen to you, your goals, your wishes, analyze your current system, collaborate and design ideal prototypes using our unique best practices. When constructing strategic sales systems, 31-33 percent meet or exceed expectations, over 60% fail, with our Design Audit, Blueprint, and Prototype process we triple the results to over 97% meet or exceed expectations.

CRM Choice

Our CRM consultants offer neutral independent guidance to help you decide which CRM software is best suited for your business, or how to get the most out of your current CRM investment. With over 26 years of CRM experience we have the practical knowledge, tools and technical depth to ask the right questions and recommend the best CRM options for you.

CRM Services

  • CRM Products Imagine your CRM solution helping you sell faster and manage better with real insight.
  • CRM Customization Our customization team has over 25 years of experience to help you reach your company CRM output goals.
  • CRM Training Selecting the best CRM training team is essential for successfully maximizing your CRM investment.


What is involved in a Customer Relationship Management Design Audit

In the Design Audit we consider:

  • Customization
  • Data Import Integration Strategy
  • Implementation Plan
  • Training timelines
  • Investment and Reports
  • Security guidelines
  • Priority Growth Support Program
  • Recommended Steps
Custom CRM Pilot Project option – 30 days