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CRM Design Audit Benefits

Understand your Business like Never Before

You will now discover what your business needs to profit and succeed. Your Design Audit connects you with a Senior Systems Architect, who has over 20 years experience with a team of professionals industry’s best practices. Design Audit combines your business knowledge with our technical know-how to optimize and create a clear Road Map. You will experience a live diagnostic of your current system, and a review of ongoing issues and improvements required. To save your time, a wish list of needs, problems, and major goals.

It will take about 3 hours of your time, all you need is a phone and Internet connection.

Your Road Map includes:

  • Technical requirements
  • Data import strategy
  • Accounting and back office integration review
  • Training plan, timelines
  • Security guidelines
  • Investment summary
  • Recommended steps
  • $495

On-Site Design Audit & Prototype

The On-Site Design Audit & Prototype takes 2 days and requires booking in advance. It includes everything from Express Design Audit in addition to the following:

  • Prototype
  • Schema with high level data import mapping to preserve existing data
  • Key business workflow processes
  • Business objectives, key requirements, goals and direction, required fields
  • Existing systems structure, review new systems structure and productivity tools
  • Brief overview of back office and data feed integration needs
  • Reporting requirements
  • Goals with measurable reporting return on investment scoping
  • Complete Rollout plan
  • Blueprint Report with accurate costs, timelines, and responsibilities

Book your Design Audit – Get a clear understanding of your Business

You will take away a clear understanding of what it will do, and how it will best satisfy your business requirements. This Method adds considerable depth and experience to the planning and design of your new system. It is ideal if you want to correct previous failed attempts, or do it right the first time with Quality Integrity. Due to the high demand it is recommended that you schedule your Design Audit now, call 1-800-750-4660