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There are thousands of customer relationship management software packages in the marketplace today. Each one of these packages offers unique features and capabilities that are to be commended, admired, and sometimes applauded. However, upon close inspection, it is easy to see that most of them suffer from obvious problems such as older technology, proprietary technology, lack of support, lack of an adequate size customer base, lack of a distribution channel, poor performance on a local area network, bugs, missing modules, missing key features, lack of capital, etc. We strive to weed out the lesser players and concentrate our web site on the better-known, widely-deployed, well-proven solutions.

In our opinion, there are only a handful of customer relationship management software solutions available today that offer a proven and complete solution for this market. These products all share the following attributes:

  • The product must have good, clean, stable code
  • The product must have good underlying technology
  • The product must have a good company & leadership behind the product
  • The product must have strong financial reporting capabilities
  • The product must have a sizable customer base
  • The product must have strong customization capabilities
  • The product must have a well-developed and knowledgeable VAR channel
  • The product must have a wide breadth of modules
  • The product must have a well-developed offering of third party add-on products
  • There should be a minimal number of missing features
  • There should be no significant problems (such as missing modules, etc)
  • On premise no forced upgrades full control over data and application

Microsoft Dynamics provides Clarity and Visibility

You to gain unprecedented insight into all aspects of your business at the click of a button:

  • High level overview of KPI performance to targets.
  • Immediately identify problem areas impacting KPI’s.
  • Quickly identify trends in KPI’s.
  • Know which channels, sales reps, customers, and products are performing, and which ones aren’t.
  • Review cost center performance to budget.
  • Monitor stock turns, are they meeting target?
  • Drill down to individual orders to identify exceptions.
  • A single version of the truth to align corporate goals with departmental strategies.
  • Instant answers for the end-user-without IT intervention
  • Dashboards with full drill-down to the transaction level
  • Rapid integration of data from disparate system

Successful Microsoft Dynamics Solutions

Since 1986 Jonathan Schloo and his team have invested in perfecting the CRM adoption and implementation process for maximum impact, delivering clear management reporting visibility. Insights to drive your business. QualityIntegrity the country’s foremost CRM authority, experience with Microsoft CRM, ACT, SalesLogix, SalesForce, Sugar CRM and more will get the job done right for you, faster, as it has for 7,000+ customers.

Outlook integration, sales, marketing, and customer service workflows and processes automation are just the beginning. Schedule a Design Audit to start integrating your back office and communication systems with your database to create seamless connections, while balancing management, sales reps and IT needs.

  • CRM integrates multiple data sources
  • CRM has significant change management issues
  • An Effective Methodology

In today’s economy, we understand that your company may want to manage costs by training your personnel to execute your CRM project, rather than invest in consulting services. Quality Integrity wants you to be successful and has developed training, specifically focused on transferring our knowledge to your team. Our consultants and trainers specialize in helping you develop the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful.

Top 9 Reasons to Choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Affordability
  • Great Fit
  • Operational Insight
  • High User Adoption Rates
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