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Compare Sage with Microsoft Dynamics

There are many advantages to switching from Sage SalesLogix to Microsoft CRM. Here are the ones most compelling to our customers.

Our Microsoft CRM Design Audit assists in the decision making process for purchasing a new business management system. The Design Audit will identify how to most effectively utilize the superior capabilities that Microsoft CRM has over Sage SalesLogix CRM.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM fits your business.

Microsoft CRM is powered by Microsoft SQL Server (same as SalesLogix) inheriting all of the outstanding scalability and performance allowing your business to leverage existing technology investments and be confident that the infrastructure investments will scale as your business grows.

Integrate Microsoft CRM with 3rd Party Vendors

Are users already familiar with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows? Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft products and its underlying technology is based on a standardized architecture that has lead to fantastic third-party product offerings. Benefit from smooth integration between Microsoft Dynamics and proprietary software solutions.

A track record of Performance and Feature Enhancements

Microsoft is committed to enhancing the usability, functionality and stability of our solutions now and in the future offering support and training to maximize your use of Microsoft CRM. Microsoft invests significantly in our business management solutions; providing a published statement of direction for all our offerings, and 10 years of support (5 years Mainstream Support and 5 years Extended Support); purchase with confidence knowing your solution will be enhanced and supported for years to come by one of the most reliable vendors in the industry.

Questions to ask when evaluating a Sage solution

  • Given the dozens of business and financial management applications Sage currently offers, what level of innovation and investment is Sage providing for each solution?
  • What is the future solution roadmap for the Sage product that I’m evaluating? Can Sage provide documentation on that?
  • What steps are required to move from one of Sage’s entry level solutions to one of its more sophisticated products? Will I be re-implementing new products and technologies as I grow with Sage?