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Life is getting more complicated. There was a time when all you needed was a phone number and a street address to keep in touch with your business contacts. Today you need their home and business street addresses, office and home-office phone numbers, pager numbers, cell phone numbers, fax numbers, e-mail and Web page addresses. The solution – Contact Management software. Contact Management software stores all these addresses and phone numbers and puts them to work. Good Contact Management software sends faxes, mail-merges letters, dials your phone, launches Web pages, sends and receives e-mail, and reminds you to be on time for meetings.

Contact Management software makes it easy to enter, retrieve, sort, print, fax, and e-mail information. When calling a contact, how many times have you wished you’d kept notes about your last conversation? Wouldn’t your client be impressed if you’d remembered the story he told several months ago about his ski trip and his knee operation? Relationships are built around these types of details. They show you cared enough to remember – or at least to file it away with your Contact Management software.

Here’s what you can do with Contact Management software:

  • Make calls, send faxes, and send e-mails directly through the Contact Management software. Contact Management software also organizes and keeps a record of faxes and e-mail. These records can be very helpful with timekeeping.
  • Scan letters, resumés, and other materials, and attach them to a person’s listing in the Contact Management software. For example, if you a’re involved in hiring, you can find a person and review a scanned copy of their resumé at any time you wish. You can even scan a person’s picture and attach it to his or her Contact Management file.
  • Categorize your address book by leads, potential clients, potential referrals and experts. Organizing people into groups is an important function of Contact Management software. Print a list of every client to whom you have offered your services and products, or a list of potential business partners. Produce charts and graphs on: which clients provide the most revenues or referrals; clients by geographical areas or sources; and other potentially useful marketing information.
  • Prevent neglect by routinely looking at clients you haven’t been in touch with for six months or a year. Contact Management software allows you to produce all kinds of useful, customizable reports.
  • Create a complete history of your interaction with each contact. Detailed information about phone calls, e-mails, letters sent, or notes taken are instantly available.

Every business needs affordable, effective tools to improve its image and manage its prospects and customers. Contact Management software has advanced sales and automation capabilities. This Contact Management software tracks basic prospect and customer information and links that information to other back-office applications, such as accounting and faxing solutions. By giving you detailed views of past and present data, as well as future projections, Contact Management software strengthens customer relationships, shortens the sales cycle, and accelerates revenue results.

Contact Management Software

Developments in technology have made managing your business contacts much more complicated. But mastering these contacts is possible with good Contact Management software, especially when it automates mundane but time-consuming tasks.

So, the next time you upgrade your technology, don’t stop at word processors. Find some Contact Management software, learn to use it effectively – and watch as your business and your bottom line reap significant, tangible benefits.

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