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We will see how we can migrate from Custom CRM to Microsoft CRM. This example will show you how you can do it using .CSV data file format.

Conversion from Custom CRM to Microsoft CRM is done in two steps.

  1. Export data from Custom CRM.
  2. Import the data into Microsoft CRM.

Exporting Data from Custom CRM

Please check if your Custom CRM is providing facility to generate output of required data into the .CSV file format.

If it is not supporting this feature, then check if you are able to run SQL queries to generate flat files with comma delimiter.

If this is possible then save that flat file as a .CSV file type. However if you are not sure how your custom CRM stores data then check with the vendor how you can generate .CSV file of the required data.

After generating the .CSV file, you are required to import this file into Microsoft CRM.

Importing data into Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft CRM provides different ways for importing data into it. Some of them are explained here. You can use following utilities to import data into Microsoft CRM.

  • Microsoft CRM SDK
  • Data Migration Framework
  • Bulk Import Wizard

Microsoft CRM SDK

You have to send data to a custom entity. Microsoft CRM is providing features to write a program for data imports.

Data Migration Framework

Data Migration Framework is utility provided as a part of Data Migration Pack offered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Microsoft CRM provides features which can be used to map Microsoft CRM data with the source data. Data migration framework makes use of common data format (CDF) database. You are required to fetch data into CDF database first then you can send these data to Microsoft CRM.

Bulk Import Wizard

Usually salesmen are using this utility most. They use it to manage campaigns, contact and accounts. Data should be provided in the simple text format with semicolon or comma delimiter. It supports .CSV type of files also.

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