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Our conversion tool will be your friend, philosopher and guide in business, but before we explain let me show you how to convert from Goldmine to Microsoft CRM.

Let’s see how Goldmine can be migrated to Microsoft CRM.

Conversion from Goldmine to Microsoft CRM is done in two steps.

  1. Export data from Goldmine.
  2. Import the data into Microsoft CRM.

Exporting Data from Goldmine

To export contacts from Goldmine, you should follow this procedure.

  1. Go to the Main Menu.
  2. Click on the Tools Option, next select Import/Export, then select contact records option. This will open the Export Wizard for you.
  3. Click on the Export to a new file option button.
  4. For the File Type choice, select ASCII file type then click next.
  5. Select Filter/Group screen and select All Contact Records Option. Click Next.
  6. Select all fields. Click Next
  7. Enter the file location with .CSV extension. Click OK.
  8. Select Export Goldmine field names, which are mapped as first record checkbox. Click Next.
  9. Select No option
  10. Click on Finish.

This will generate .CSV format file for you, which you can import into Microsoft CRM.

Importing data into Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides different ways to import data.

  • Data Migration Framework
  • Bulk Import Wizard
  • Microsoft CRM SDK

Data Migration Framework

Data Migration Framework is a part of Data Migration Pack offered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Data migration framework utilizes common data format (CDF) database. First you have to call data into CDF database and from there you can transport it to Microsoft CRM. Data migration framework provides facilities that you can use to map your source data with Microsoft CRM data.

Bulk Import Wizard

This utility is normally used by sales persons. They maintain their contacts, accounts, campaigns. Data which you want to import has to be in simple text files with comma, semicolon or tab delimiter. You can import CSV format files as well.

Microsoft CRM SDK

You can send data into a custom entity. Microsoft CRM SDK provides facility to build program for you which can be used for migration.

You have two options now, either you spend endless hours, money and other resources to do it on your own or use our unique tool and get results on a flip of a switch.