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Let’s see how salesforce can be migrated to Microsoft CRM.

Conversion from Sales Force to Microsoft CRM is done in two steps.

  1. Export data from Sales Force.
  2. Import the data into Microsoft CRM.

Exporting Data from SalesForce

There are readily available tools which can help you export data from Salesforce. You can generate .CSV format files which can be easily imported into Microsoft Dynamics CRM. You can use Apex Data Loader to export data from Salesforce.

Apex Data Loader

Apex Data Loader is a graphical tool for exporting and importing data from salesforce. It supports all the objects and it has built in .CSV file viewer. It supports large files with millions of records in it. It is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 2000. It has many other features mentioned as below.

After you have exported the data you need to bring that data into Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Importing data into Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides different tools to import data. They are mentioned below.

  • Microsoft CRM SDK
  • Data Migration Framework
  • Bulk Import Wizard

Microsoft CRM SDK

You can transport data into a custom entity. Microsoft CRM SDK can be used to create a custom program for migration.

Data Migration Framework

Data Migration Framework is a component of Data Migration Pack provided by Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Data migration framework uses common data format (CDF) database. First you have to bring data into CDF database. From CDF database you can send it to Microsoft CRM. Data migration framework provides features that help you map your source data with Microsoft CRM data.

Bulk Import Wizard

This exercise is normally done by sales personnel to maintain their contacts, accounts, campaigns. Data should be in CSV format files or simple text files which has comma, semicolon or tab delimited format.

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