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What can you expect in the new Microsoft Dynamics CRM? For starters, this new Microsoft Dynamics CRM version offers interactive dashboards, drill-down analysis, expanded lead management, e-mail marketing capabilities, integrated service and support, featuring full mobile support, in addition to enhanced integration with Sage ERP back-office solutions.



  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Microsoft CRM Top 10 Reasons

10. Improved security and control over sensitive data, and lower support cost

9. Open relational database structure to work the way you run your business, customizability

8. Improved communication among inside and outside sales, marketing, customer service and back-office through Microsoft CRM integration

7. Sales staff access to critical information needed to pursue of new business and new leads anywhere anytime

6. Clear reporting to manage the sales and marketing processes

5. Standardized sales processes to guarantee that all steps are taken to insure success

4. Sales forecasting to provide accurate projections, budget controls and cash flow management

3. Controlled contact with existing customers to diminish loss of the current base

2. Management of strategic marketing campaigns to focus on the most profitable business and insure timely follow-up

1. Central core database from which to review, strategize, report, and forecast

Microsoft CRM Dashboard

  • Microsoft CRM Dashboard and Reporting capabilities deliver real-time access to Top Opportunities, Closed Sales, Pipeline Analysis, Win/Loss Analysis, Product Sales Performance, and other key performance indicators.
  • Drill-down capabilities and pre-built and Custom Reports enable you to analyze specific data points in more detail, including accessing the related Microsoft CRM records. Dashboard calendar and activity views help you manage your day-to-day activities and focus on your top priority tasks.
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Microsoft CRM Marketing

  • Microsoft CRM Marketing provides powerful capabilities for managing, tracking, and measuring targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Microsoft CRM Marketing key features include: Campaign Management, Segmentation & Groups, Lead Management, Web Lead Capture, Lead Qualification, Workflow Automation, E-mail Marketing, Campaign Response Tracking, Campaign Task Management, Budget & Revenue Tracking, Campaign Reporting (ROI), Marketing Resource Library, and Windows & Web Access.
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