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Anyone who runs a business is likely to get an earful about the wisdom of investing in something called a Customer Relationship Management product. What are these Customer Relationship Management products and what possible advantage could they offer over the tried-and-true notion that the best way to keep customers is to know what they want? As it turns out, the rise of e-commerce and 24-hour marketing means today’s customers expect a lot more than you could offer with the piecemeal solutions of the past.

The CRM, or Customer Relationship Management product, is a proven architectural framework with industry-specific, customized, out-of-the-box functionality. The Customer Relationship Management product enhances customer satisfaction, resulting in competitive advantages and higher profits. The new Customer Relationship Management product also offers a high degree of adaptability, enabling users to easily customize their own unique customer, records and business-data processes.

Customer Relationship Management Product

The Customer Relationship Management product can be used as a fully integrated line, or combined to achieve particular business goals:

  • Customer Management
    Stay on top of customer orders and requirements throughout the sales cycle and share information with relevant functions to satisfy customers.
  • Organizational Collaboration
    Reduce costs by enhancing communication across your business processes. Transfer information in real time across groups to assist a customer or set of customers.
  • Corporate Portals
    Obtain a single entrance point to all business-critical information. Access to information is role-based, so each user can find the information he/she needs to be most effective in his/her function.

The following features list will help you decide whether

Customer Relationship Management product is for you.