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Bread Crumb

Once a not-so-young rep was working a long, long sales process. The price was not steep, and sometimes it was hard for the rep to tell they were progressing at all. As they moved slowly on in the sales cycle, they thought about all the different things they wanted – of a beautiful system and efficient travel to far-off places, of love and lust, of accomplishment and gadgets. The reps thoughts were so wide-ranging and so diverse, that they hardly noticed the scenery around them, or the turning of the path as it twisted slowly, slowly upwards.

One day, when the rep stopped for lunch, another man appeared on the road. The two sat down together, and began to talk. The newcomer said he had seen the man on the road ahead and been eager for company. He had left the road, and climbed a steeper path, over some rocks, so that they would meet in time for lunch. As they chatted, he talked about the spectacular cliffs and valleys, the clouds gathering overhead, and the rare birds and flowers he had spotted as he climbed. The first man listened politely, but could add little. His attention wandered, from time to time, imagining the even more spectacular things he would see – one day.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM is not implemented like other Technologies

This type of project requires experienced Microsoft Dynamics CRM project management to keep it on budget, on time, and to ensure it delivers the results you expect. Unlike back office, ERP solutions, Microsoft Dynamics CRM has unique implementation requirements. Out-of-the-box solutions only partially meet your functionality needs. If the missing parts are in key areas, you’ll have an ineffective solution at best. Most Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution implementations require customization and integration, not just simple configuration and installation. You need project managers who understand this difference and who know how to succeed.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM cuts across functional borders

Implementing a Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution can affect every department in your organization. Project managers who have experience dealing with business managers from multiple functional departments are critical to implementation success. Business strategy and business issues drive Microsoft Dynamics CRM success, project managers familiar in dealing with these issues keep the project on track and ensure it meets your objectives.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrates multiple data sources

Our breadth of experience brings ideas and solutions to your project that others won’t! Because we are a Microsoft Dynamics CRM company, our consultants bring unique experience to your project. Our project managers have worked with a wide range of legacy systems and are familiar with the tools necessary to integrate them, successfully, with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has significant change management issues

We can help you maximize the opportunities for success and avoid the pitfalls that lead to failure. One of the most cited reasons for Microsoft Dynamics CRM failure is a that the solution doesn’t meet the expectations of the users. In many cases, this happens because expectations are not effectively managed and users are not directly involved in the development of the solution. Quality Integrity project managers have years of experience with Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation. They have successfully handled the very same change management challenges you will face in your implementation.

Best Practices Training

Many companies want to take an active role in implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM within their organizations. Having the right skills and an effective plan greatly improves the results of your project.

An Effective Methodology

Would having a proven methodology for successfully implementing your Microsoft Dynamics CRM strategy improve your results? Most likely it would, and Quality Integrity Best Practices consultants can train your management and implementation teams on our methodology and the best practices that support it. Quality Integrity has used this methodology on numerous Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementations and has proven it to be successful at producing the business results our clients expect from Microsoft Dynamics CRM.