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Let’s discuss about accounting add-ons of Microsoft CRM.

Zap Business Intelligence

It is an analytic solution to empower your employees to improve performance. It helps in the decision making process. It empowers performance management activity with business intelligence (BI) capabilities. These business intelligence capabilities includes

  • Dashboards.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Scorecards.
  • Reports, Analysis and Alerts.

Microsoft Office Accounting Integration Link

Microsoft Office Accounting is popular accounting software with small and medium sized organizations. Integrity of this software with Microsoft CRM can bring best of both the systems for the users. Microsoft Office Accounting Integration Link serves this purpose.

This integration link provides customer data synchronization.

Customer Synchronization

Microsoft CRM accounts can be synchronized with accounts in Microsoft Office Accounting. This means you can save an account in Microsoft CRM and then see the changes in the Microsoft Office Accounts. The same thing can be done other way round. You can make changes to the customer account of Microsoft Office Accounting package and see the changes into Microsoft CRM. Sales and marketing staff can generate orders against opportunities in the Microsoft CRM and then promote it to the Microsoft Office Accounting package for the further processing. Sales marketing staff can view outstanding positions of the customers and make decisions accordingly.

You can view invoices and orders for the specified customers in the Microsoft CRM in a tabular format.

Redware Research Limited

Based at the Brighton, south England, this consultancy firm provides software solutions which can integrate your accounting software with the Microsoft CRM.

Sync Uploader

The Sync uploader is a product from Redware Research Limited. It provides functionality to integrate sales ledger data into Microsoft CRM. You can integrate customer, invoices and product data into Microsoft CRM. You can update the account balances and credit limit in the Microsoft CRM entities. You can upload the invoices history data into the Microsoft CRM. This will enable you to take reports that will show purchase history of a customer.