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Let’s discuss about Microsoft CRM add-ons for distribution.


Mfg/Distribution accelerator add-on empowers Microsoft Dynamics to cater to the needs of out of the box manufacturers and distributors. Vertical accelerator has been designed to handle front-office distribution and manufacturing functions. It helps to improve relationship with the customer for the complete lifecycle.

Municipality and Governments

Governments are always under pressure to give best services and reduce tax burden on their citizens. This can be achieved thru implementing systems which reduce administrative cost and time and provide services efficiently. Powerful features provided by Microsoft CRM government vertical accelerator can certainly help governments achieve these objectives.

Wealth Management

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for financial services industry is designed to help financial services sector companies to manage wealth and assets of their clients.

Hedge Fund management

Hedge fund management vertical accelerator collects client’s data into a single system. It provides view of client’s contact information and investment history. It can generate alerts and emails which can be used to monitor client’s account balances and manage critical situation. It can produce and distribute client’s account statement and other reports into Microsoft Excel.

Equity Firm Deal Management

Equity firm deal management vertical accelerator helps to manage communication before deal is materialized. It gathers and processes documents and emails to assist you for efficient approval procedure. In this way it helps staff to focus on the important functions so the profit of the organization can be increased.

Real Estate

Real estate vertical accelerator is designed to help construction industry. It provides online functionality to empower relationship among contractors, builders, architectures, engineers and buyers. This helps to execute projects efficiently.

Membership Management

Membership management vertical accelerator helps to manage relationship with members efficiently. It provides features to automatically send notifications of membership renewals and notifications for payments. For effective campaign management and event management it allows online registration.

Online Service Industry

Online service industry vertical accelerator provides unique features to manage business efficiently. It helps to manage and plan resources. It enables you to manage opportunities. This way it makes business more competitive.

These all are Microsoft CRM add-ons for better distribution by providing excellent features.