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Let’s discuss about Microsoft CRM add on financial Software.

Here are some Microsoft CRM add on Financial Software.

Smart Catalog

Smart Catalog is an excellent sales configuration and guided selling software from Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Smart Catalog is extremely useful for companies of telecommunications, manufacturing, healthcare, service sector and retailing industry segments. Smart Catalog provides unique features which are useful to strengthen sales channels and increase intelligence. It simplifies complicated sales procedure. Smart Catalog portal edition enables distributors, customers and partners to process orders using secured web portal.

Tenrox time and expense tracking

Tenrox time and expense tracking software provides a view of all the employees working on the projects in different geographies. Unique features of this software allow you to link customers, workforce and project to make decision making faster. Tenrox provides features to track time automatically. It helps in payroll processing. It is possible to manage overtime and leave with this software. It provides excellent integrity with payroll system. This software allows configure regular time, overtime, approval and expenses related policies to enable organizations to manage expenses and time as per their need. It supports French and English as well.

Gale Force CRM

Gale Force CRM provides solutions for capital markets, wealth management, investment banking, retail banking and commercial banking to serve the organizations into the financial sector. This can be utilized as add-on for Microsoft CRM. It supports French and English languages.

Sync Accounting

Sync Accounting is a data adaptor, which copies data from the sales ledger to the Microsoft CRM. You can change the revenue and credit limit fields for the customers. You can set the prices of the products as well. It supports English language.

CRM for financial services RIA’s

This is wealth CRM. It is designed for independent financial planners. It helps accumulate data into a solution that works within Microsoft Outlook.

All these software are widely used as Microsoft CRM add-ons.