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Experlogix Product Configurator

Experlogix delivers scalable, powerful product configurator that improves the quotes and orders in Microsoft CRM.

Experlogix configurator simplifies the process of selling customized products. It increases speed and accuracy to deliver customized products to the customers. Its unique features enable you to increase quote-to-order ratio. Exerlogix helps complex quote/order requirements. Experlogix provides following features

  • Rapid quote and order generation.
  • Rules based configurator engine to provide 100% accuracy for quote and orders.
  • Creation of bill-of-material.
  • Guided selling with the pictures of products.
  • Calculations of profit, sales tax, commissions.
  • Currency conversion.
  • Price book and complex discounting scenarios.
  • Online and Offline availability.

Product Configuration and Proposal Builder

SalesForce is using SalesWorkPlace to generate proposals automatically. It calculates prices and moves orders to the Microsoft Dynamics GP/AX/NAV. Its strong administrative tools provide functionality to setup a product model and define master plan of a product family.

CRM & More to Increase eCon Integration

This software is a product and sales configurator. It provides functionality to configure customer specific products from the Microsoft CRM.

It provides following functionality.

  • Configure custom products.
  • Generate and send order or quote inclusive of bill-of-materials.
  • Offers spot price considering customer specific requirements.
  • Calculate margins and costs

Cincom Acquire – Sales and Product Configurator

Cincom Acquire guided selling and product configurator empowers you to meet specific requirements of the customers. It empowers you to deliver product, process knowledge and pricing to all the sales channels. This enables you to quickly quote complex products with a great accuracy.

Cincom Acquire provides following features

  • 100% Accuracy. Product configuration will ensure 100% accurate quotes, routings and sales orders without any help from the product experts.
  • Validation. Product configuration validates design, pricing and configuration of the product.
  • Real Time Integration. Business Rule Engine (BRE) of Cincom provides integration with ERP products like Microsoft Dynamics, SAP and