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Real Estate Advantage

Real Estate Advantage is a specialized software solution for real estate industry. It helps real estate companies in managing assets, vendors, tenants, leases and prospects in marketing, sales, service and support. It helps to manage relationship more effectively to achieve business goals and boost the profitability of the company. Real Estate Advantage puts together the framework specifically designed for real estate business needs and the Microsoft CRM platform to empower organizations simplify operations to deliver best results. Using Contact management and integration with Microsoft Outlook to find out specific data related to properties, leases, tenants can be handled with great efficiency. Real Estate Advantage provides a feature “Master Relationship Management” is extremely helpful.

Business Card Scanner

Castor Biz Card Scanner helps users to import business card details into Microsoft CRM easily and quickly. It provides an easy to understand wizard which shows steps of importing data into Microsoft CRM. Castor Biz Card scanner provides following features.

  • Generating lead records using business card data into Microsoft CRM.
  • Generating Account records using business card data into Microsoft CRM.
  • Generating Contact records using business card data into Microsoft CRM.
  • Automatically finding duplicates based on email ids and/or name.
  • Provides data validation functionality.
  • Mapping of imported data fields with Microsoft CRM fields.
  • Import of scanned images.

Recently added features include

  • Support for the multiple organizations.
  • Offline functionality.

GrapeCity Telemarketing

GrapeCity telemarketing provides facility for your telemarketing staff to boost sales using telephone based marketing.


EmailTools simplifies email related functionality within Microsoft CRM. It provides features to view emails of a contact or account, which normally you would use Microsoft Outlook to get this data. It is providing a preview pane so you don’t have to open each mail to view the contents. It allows you to open attachments thru preview pane. Moreover it provides facility to search specific information like lead, contact or an account. You can add a signature to your mail. This feature enables you to add signature with all your mail automatically.

These add-ons of Microsoft CRM are helpful in marketing.