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Let’s discuss about Microsoft CRM add on reporting Software.

Here are some Microsoft CRM add on Reporting Software.

Sage Peachtree Quantum – Analysis (Reporting Tools)

This software uses Microsoft .net framework. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. It can be easily integrated with Microsoft excel, outlook.

You can connect with OLEDB and ODBC.

SalesLogix – Dashboards and Sales Reporting

It is useful for the sales, support and marketing teams to serve customers better. It can work on Microsoft windows operating system and uses Microsoft SQL and oracle RDBMS.

Sage MAS 90 – Magnetic Media Reporting

Advantage of this software is it supports many applications. It is written in Basic Proprietary database. It supports the applications accounts receivables, accounts payables, bank reconciliation, general ledger, credit card processing, purchase order, work order, sales order, material requirement planning and inventory management just to name a few.

Sugar CRM – Reporting

Sugar CRM is offering applications sales, support and marketing. Initially they were available on Linux, Apache, MYSQL and PHP. Now they are available on Windows, Mac OS X and Solaris platforms as well. Sugar CRM reporting software consists of Sales Force Automation, Customer Support, Marketing Automation and Reporting.

Made2Manage – Advanced Reports

This software is targeted to mid and small size of enterprises. It is very easy to operate. It is using Microsoft technology Visual Basic and .net framework. Made2Manage consists of the lot of applications. These applications includes Sales Orders, Customer Order management, Quotations and Estimations, Inventory Control, Materials Management, Shop Floor Data Collection, Inventory Control, Production Management, Bills Materials, Quality Management, general ledger, accounts receivables, account payables, bank reconciliation, Warehouse management, sales forecasting to just name a few.

SAP Business Objects – Crystal Reports

SAP Business Objects – crystal reports software offers BI portfolio for increasing business efficiency by providing information required for decision making. It uses SOA architecture and can work with any environment.

These are some of the Microsoft CRM add on reporting software.