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Let’s discuss about telecommunications add-ons of the Microsoft CRM.

Phone Systems Integration

Connecting telephone systems with CRM can bring out best of the CRM systems. It makes possible retrieving data from the CRM systems and be delivered over the telephone lines. This type of the functionality are proved boon in the field of customer services.

This type of integration requires compatibility of telephone systems to interact with the computer systems. VoIP (Voice over IP) telephone systems (PBX) have this capacity. Most of the newly launched PBX systems have capacity to interact with the computer systems. This is achieved in various ways. Software is installed on the user PCs to achieve this or it is done at the server level. However there are cases where suppliers are offering proprietary software to achieve this but mostly this is achieved thru Telephone Application Programming Interface (TAPI) or Telephone Server API (TSAPI). You need to install software which will enable you to interact with the Microsoft CRM. This software will connect your CRM application with the driver software of the PBX system. To achieve this it will implement interfaces for dial and transfer functionality.

Microsoft CRM contacts are capable of interacting with Telephone Application Programming Interface (TAPI) offered by Microsoft Outlook. However you are required to install software provided by the manufacturers or bespoke solution.

There are some manufacturers associated with Microsoft to provide solutions for their telephone systems.


Cisco CRM communications connector empowers organizations to benefit from connectivity to the Microsoft CRM. This customer-care solution includes following features.

  • Click to Dial Facility. You can dial from Microsoft CRM contact record.
  • Call duration tracking. It accurately keeps track of call duration and call activity.
  • Call Information. It keeps log of incoming and outgoing call information which includes call number, call duration, call start time and call end time.
  • Avaya

    Customer information in Microsoft CRM can be delivered over the telephone line using integration with Avaya IP Office. This makes easy for the call handlers to serve customer better and provide personalized services.

    This shows how Microsoft CRM can integrate with telephone lines.