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Let’s discuss about Microsoft CRM add-ons for web integration.


SmartCatalog portal is Microsoft CRM add-on for web integration. It provides facility to increase sales configuration and guided sale to the customers, distributors and partners using web. Its unique features enable you to implement accurate quote and generate orders for all the sales channels including partners, distributors, employees and customers. Sales partners’ and distributors’ processes can be optimized using rnrnsmartcatalog. Other features of rnrnsmartcatalog enable you to optimize internal sales processes. rnrnsmartcatalog, a web-based application, integrated with Microsoft CRM allows external customers to generate their own orders and quotes. External customers can build their own profile using rnrnsmartcatalog. Portal edition can work as a standalone application and it can also work as an extension to the SmartCatalog sales edition.


rePORTAL is a web distribution and scheduling portal for crystal reports. rePORTAL allows organizations to run Crystal, SQL and FRx reports through a secured website. It allows schedule and distribute reports. It enables users to access reports from any part of the world wherever internet is available. It enables to access reports using browser only and eliminates need to install Crystal or FRx.

Split View

Split View adds value to the core Microsoft CRM user interface and gives users better control on their data. It provides following features.

  • Enables navigation of multiple entities from the same screen.
  • Allows configure tab layout.
  • Support for custom entities and system entities both.
  • Enables easy development of tab using built-in templates.
  • Increases user satisfaction, efficiency and accuracy resulting into reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).


WordConnect is the mail merge correspondence assistant software. Initially WordConnect was providing simple features to manage standard text and templates. It is evolved as a full CRM-compatible application. WordConnect enables you to manage correspondence work easily. Integrity of WordConnect with Microsoft word empowers users to reach to the targeted contacts in a professional manner. WordConnect can be useful in generating and retrieving documents within Microsoft CRM. You can integrate WordConnect with Microsoft Sharepoint. Integrity with Microsoft Word, Microsoft CRM and Microsoft Sharepoint enables you to write a document in Microsoft CRM, Modify it into Microsoft Word and save it into Microsoft Sharepoint.