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Microsoft CRM has its own distinct advantages. Microsoft CRM provides valuable features to manage leads, customers and opportunities. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Managing Leads

Microsoft CRM provides a new approach to manage leads. Lead is any contact which has the potential to become a customer. Microsoft CRM provides utilities to import leads from the .CSV file types. List of contacts you can get from the trade fair or purchased contact list from the market. It can be in the excel file or simple text file. You can import them into Microsoft CRM using bulk import wizard. Bulk import wizard allows you to map attributes of the .CSV files with the attributes of the entities in the Microsoft CRM. Sales process will go through qualify process before converting lead into an account. Microsoft CRM provides process to convert lead into account, opportunity or contact. You can convert a lead into all of these three as well.

Distributing Leads

We can automate the sales process using Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF). When a lead is created into the system, it should be assigned to the proper salesperson. We can configure the Microsoft CRM using the workflow functionality that particular lead should be automatically assigned to specific sales territory. This can be achieved by checking the zip code of a lead. It will automatically change the owner and territory on the creation of the lead.

Managing Opportunities

Microsoft CRM provides below mentioned features to manage opportunities efficiently.

  • Faster data retrieval of deals using key words.
  • Generate customized offers for each opportunity.
  • Calculate actual revenue by tracking invoices and orders
  • Set up consistent sales processes

Managing Accounts

Microsoft CRM provides following features to manage accounts efficiently.

  • Monitor all the activities around a contact or account efficiently.
  • Finds obstacles, influences for each account.
  • Finds renewal dates for contracts.

Managing Customers

Managing customers is the most important aspect of any business. Microsoft CRM allows organizations to manage large customer base with less support staff. Microsoft CRM helps support staff to track the customer service requests from the initial complaint registration to the successful resolution. Customer Service module of Microsoft CRM consists of the following features.

  • Activity Management. Microsoft CRM helps to manage appointments, phone calls and letters by organizing them.
  • Case Management. Microsoft CRM allows organization to generate cases of the customer’s service requests. Microsoft CRM helps to manage cases from the beginning to the successful resolution.
  • Routing and Queuing. By using workflow you can automate the process of assigning service request to service staff. This will save human efforts and increase the efficiency of the organization.