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Business intelligence software plays a great role in decision making and performance management of the organization.

Let’s see in detail Zap’s business intelligence software for Microsoft CRM.

Zap’s Business Intelligence for Microsoft CRM

Zap’s business intelligence is an analytic solution. It helps your employees to boost performance. There is a wizard to automatically import security and customizations. It provides a readily available web interface for the end-users and you don’t have to install separate software for that. It has the business intelligence capabilities like dashboards, key performance indicators (KPIs), reports, scorecards, alerts and analysis.


Dashboards provide an instant view of the overall performance. CEO of the company looks at the executive dashboards to see the overall functionality in each department. Sales Manager of a particular territory looks at the sales analysis for his territory. Zap’s dashboards offer following features.

  • Drag and Drop Creation. No programming is required and you can drag and drop KPIs, reports, charts and scorecards.
  • Dynamic Resizing. You can resize charts to fit in the dashboard. You can resize the entire dashboard as well.
  • Guided Analytics. Users can navigate to the data on the dashboards as per their preferences.
  • Drill down to view reports in detail at the lower level.

Charts, Reports and Ad-hoc Analysis

Zap’s business intelligence provides self service reporting. It improves efficiency and accuracy of your reporting. It provides following reporting features.

  • Management Reports
  • Aggregate Reports
  • Ad-hoc Analysis
  • Drill-down to any complex detail
  • Automatic reports scheduling

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Zap’s business intelligence provides following KPIs features.

  • Drag and Drop calculations creation without any need of coding.
  • Users can customize the KPIs. They can add anchors to show good or bad on KPIs and add extra needles to monitor actual and target results.
  • Target figures and boundaries can be dynamically calculated. It is useful when you are using filtered data.
  • Users can customize the appearance of the KPIs.


Scorecards are the collection of the KPIs to provide the snapshot of the performance against the goals. It shows what was your target and what you have achieved and what is the difference.

Report Scheduling and Alerts

Reports scheduling and alters provides early warning system. They enable you to auto monitoring of the performance. When there are key changes to the KPIs, it will notify the users automatically.

These are the features offered by Zap’s business intelligence software.