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Bread Crumb

Microsoft CRM is very popular CRM and more and more business houses are going for it. Microsoft CRM is offering features that meet the needs of any type of industries. Features like declarative workflow, metadata driven architecture and options for the integration makes it easy to configure, customize, implement and upgrade. Microsoft CRM consists of the following application partitions.

  • Data tier.
  • XML Web Services.
  • User Interface (UI).

User Interfaces has two presentation components at the client side, internet explorer for the web based access and Microsoft Outlook for the windows platform. Both of them are using XML and gives great flexibility for customization.

Customization for the Microsoft CRM can be done at the levels like database schema level, application level, business rules levels. At the application level you can modify forms, views and templates.

You can use workflow manager tools to generate and modify the business processes.

Let’s see application and business logic customization in detail.

Schema Customization

Before you add any attribute to the CRM form or view, you have to define it at the schema level. Same thing applies to workflow rules as well. To make the schema level changes you can use schema manager tool from the deployment manager of the Microsoft Management Console.

Forms Customization

Microsoft CRM is supplied with many forms however you can modify them as per your requirement. You can rearrange fields on the form, you can add fields to the form and you can remove fields from the form. You can change the label names.

However you have to ensure that before you add any field to the form, you have to add it to the schema level first. Once you are done with the changes you have to publish them.

Customizing Reports

Microsoft CRM uses reporting tool from the Crystal decisions. Microsoft CRM has many reports, however you can write new reports, and customize the existing ones.

Business Logic Customization

Microsoft CRM allows you to generate customized workflow processes. Advantages of workflow are it allows you to do activity without any user interaction. As an example when a customer gives a new order, system can generate email, thanking the customer.

You can export workflow rules and changes made to the schema and forms to the XML file. This can help to use the same solution for many common customizations.