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In the recent years Microsoft CRM has witnessed a huge growth and a large number of organizations are going for it. A lot of organizations who were previously using CRM products from other vendors are migrating to the Microsoft CRM. This is primarily because of the unique features offered by the Microsoft CRM, its capability to integrate with other Microsoft products and other third party software.

Popular CRM vendors other than Microsoft CRM are SalesLogix, SalesForce, Goldmine, ACT, Sugar CRM, Lotus CRM, Siebel and PeopleSoft.

Migration from other CRM products to the Microsoft CRM takes two steps.

  1. Export data from the other CRM product.
  2. Import it into Microsoft CRM.

The most convenient way to do this task is to use .CSV type of files for export and import. This type of file is containing data records into fields which are separated by comma or semicolon and it can be easily imported into the Microsoft CRM.

Let’s see what utilities and tools are available for the exporting data from the different CRM products.


You can use utility quickXporter to export data into .CSV type of files. You need ODBC drivers to establish connection with data sources.


You can use Apex Data Loader, a graphical tool for exporting from the SalesForce. There is a built-in CSV file viewer. It is capable of processing millions of records.


Goldmine CRM provides export wizard to export the data. You can navigate to this option in the menu to generate ASCII format files with a .CSV file extension.


You can export data from the ACT CRM using export wizard. It will generate a .CSV type of file for you.

Sugar CRM

Sugar CRM provides facility to export data into .CSV type of file.

Lotus CRM

There are many tools available in the market which allows you to export data into the .CSV type of files.


You can use Siebel segmentation wizard to export data into .CSV type of files.


You can use PeopleCode to generate .CSV type of files.

Once you have exported the data from the CRM in .CSV type of file, Microsoft CRM provides several ways to import data into it and some of them are discussed here.

Importing data into Microsoft CRM

  • Bulk Import Wizard
  • Data Migration Framework

Bulk Import Wizard

Usually persons associated with the sales activity are using this utility import data into Microsoft CRM. It allows you to import data of various categories like contacts, leads, accounts and campaign.

Data Migration Framework

This utility is part of the Data Migration Pack. First you have to fetch data into CDF database. CDF database is a Common Data Format database. From there you have to import it into Microsoft CRM.

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