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Manage your data effectively

  • Effortlessly import data from other sources into Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • Use predefined data-mapping rules or create new ones on the fly.
  • Confirm data import status with automatic e-mail notification.
  • Intelligently cleanse your data to eliminate duplications and decrease your cost per engagement (CPE).

Marketing Management Software
Easy data import and duplicate record detection in Microsoft Dynamics CRM


Pinpoint your marketing efforts

  • Use natural language queries to instantly segment customers or prospects.
  • Create highly targeted lists and associate them with campaigns.
  • Set up personal or public data views for reuse.
  • Easily share target lists with colleagues or vendors.
  • Export lists into multiple formats for bulk e-mail or direct-mail communications.

CRM Marketing
Real-time query and segmentation tools in Microsoft Dynamics CRM


Streamline campaign planning

  • Plan and track activities, tasks, budgets, and details for each marketing activity.
  • Tailor messages and offers to highly targeted lists.
  • Save time and money with reusable campaign templates.
  • Set up product catalogs, price lists, and discounts for optimal offers.
  • Use predefined workflows to streamline approvals.

Marketing Campaign Management
Campaign planning and budget tracking in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


Simplify campaign execution

  • Initiate and distribute campaigns and communications instantly.
  • Use embedded Mail Merge capabilities to instantly send mass communications.
  • Manually or automatically assign tasks or leads to individuals or groups.
  • Create on-the-fly campaigns with the Quick Campaign Wizard.
  • Create rules to trigger responses based on customer interest.

Campaign Execution
Campaign activity creation in Microsoft Dynamics CRM


Manage events efficiently

  • Track and manage all event and customer details on one central platform.
  • Holistically manage event planning and execution from beginning to end.
  • Track details related to venues, rooms, event sessions, speakers, and sponsors.
  • Track key metrics and measure the return on investment to optimize future events.

Event Management
Marketing Event Management Accelerator with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


Improve response management

  • Capture and store responses and leads in one place for easy tracking.
  • Score responses using predefined algorithms.
  • Instantly assign leads with full interaction history to the right sales person.
  • Track responses across communications channels, linking them to campaigns and lead sources.
  • Convert responses to leads and opportunities with a few mouse clicks.

Marketing Automation Software
Campaign Response Management and Lead Tracking with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Internet Marketing

(Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online only)

  • Track, manage, and optimize search-engine marketing efforts.
  • Improve data quality by routing leads to a lead-staging area.
  • Identify the revenue impact of each keyword.
  • Research and purchase keywords, and then optimize bids for the highest placement.
  • Create landing pages and data forms without any coding.

Internet Marketing
Search Engine Marketing with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.


Extend value with Microsoft Office

  • Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM within Microsoft Office Outlook to be more productive.
  • Eliminate redundant e-mail tracking through Office Outlook synchronization.
  • See co-workers’ availability with the presence feature.
  • Create documents and mail-merges with embedded Office Word capabilities.
  • Add Office Outlook contacts to marketing lists with a few mouse clicks.

Personal Productivity
Personal Productivity’>


Automate workflows

  • Boost productivity with personal, team, or organizational workflows.
  • Dynamically assign tasks to the right person using configurable rules.
  • Accelerate approvals using predefined workflows.
  • Automate actions with triggers based on events, time, or business logic.
  • Set alerts and reminders of campaign milestones to inform appropriate people.

Marketing Automation
Service Process automation and Escalation rules with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


Mobile Express for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Access customer data from any Web-enabled device anywhere, anytime.
  • Track budgets and push through approvals while on the road.
  • Update or create campaigns on the fly.
  • Update, qualify, or assign leads while on the road.
  • Analyze responses, leads, and campaign ROI with rich offline reporting.

Accessing Microsoft Dynamics CRM through your browser-enabled device.


Gain insights for decision making

  • Measure your marketing success with key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Track key campaign indicators with built-in reports.
  • Identify trends and allocate resources with powerful predictive analytics.
  • Use robust data cubes for trending analyses.
  • Proactively create offers with 360-degree customer views.

Uncover data trends and customer insights with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Analytics Foundation