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Maintaining customer relations is the most important aspect of today’s competitive business world. Microsoft CRM is designed help business houses handle sales, marketing and service operations efficiently.

Microsoft CRM is using .net framework of Microsoft. It makes this product highly scalable. You can easily integrate with other Microsoft products and third party applications. So it is possible to provide customization which is able to meet various types of industry needs.

Customization is a very complex subject and requires lot of understanding of the subject. You can try and do it yourself. However it is full of risk and it is advised that you should hire a professional consultancy to do this job. There are following distinct advantage of adopting this approach.

  • You might be well aware of your organizational needs but chances are there that you may not be aware of the some powerful features provided by the Microsoft CRM. Professional consultancies dealing into this area might be well aware of these and they will guide you to get best out of it.
  • During the customization you may come across many small and big issues and solving them might eat your considerable time and resources. Professional consultancies, because of their experience of dealing into specific areas will be able to do it faster, saving your time and resources.
  • Outsourcing cuts down your cost of recruitment and training. You are getting readily available staff specialized into areas of your need. It provides you facility to execute projects with great efficiency and within timeframe.
  • When your business is growing rapidly, outsourcing allows you to concentrate on the core areas of your business.
  • High employee turnover can prove costly for your business. It can add uncertainty to the business functions. Outsourcing provides continuity to the business functions and reduces risks.
  • We have seen many advantages of the outsourcing, but outsourcing is not risk free and there are some disadvantages as well.

    • You will lose the control on the activity which you outsource. The company providing service to you is driven by the profit it is earning from you by providing service. Sometimes they might compromise with the standards of the service to earn more profits.
    • You may lose confidentiality of the business data. If you are transmitting your business data to the outsourcing company, chances are there that confidentiality of the data might be compromised.

    It is advisable that you should be careful about selecting the outsourcing firm.

    Outsourcing has its own advantages and disadvantages.