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Microsoft CRM planning is a key to success of any business. Planning is a main business activity that integrates business processes across the organization and the processes of external business associates as well. Planning empowers organizations to manage customer relationship in a systematic manner in which both customers and organizations are benefitted. Planning is helpful to increase organizational efficiency by providing better sales and services strategies to win the customer loyalty resulting in more business and profitability.

Systems Planning

Microsoft CRM components support development of the integrated information systems architecture and CRM systems planning.

Following are the main components of the Microsoft CRM.

  • Basic Components
  • Front-office Components

Basic Components are consisting of Multi-channel management and provide following functionality.

  • Campaign Management
  • Risk Management
  • Product Management
  • Market Analysis
  • Customers Management
  • Sales management

Front Office components provide product or service delivery related functionality mentioned as below.

  • Customer overview
  • Interacting with the customer
  • Advise and Sales
  • Offer and contact management

Delivery of the customer related functionality and other customer related processes are the core activity of the customer contact management. Customer and Company information can be accessed through many different channels. You can provide functionality of the customer contact management thru portal. This is very useful for the customer self-service. Customers contact companies through various channels and communication through these channels can be grouped based upon the characteristics of the channels. Communication can be face to face or through mobile and other devices. These devices are interacting with the customer contact management system. All the information related to the customers, services and products is stored into central data storage. CRM components are reading and writing to the central data storage. Different CRM components are given grants as per their requirement to access the central data storage.

Customer intelligence relies on the data collected of the customers.

Handling inbound customer queries

Inbound customer queries means the queries which are initiated by the customers to the company to avail product or services are more likely to materialize. Conversion into actual sale is more for these types of queries and in this context they are very important.

Truly, Microsoft CRM planning is a key to success of any business.