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Reports are very important part of any business applications since they help making decisions. Generating and delivering quick reports is most desired feature by the business houses. Microsoft CRM is providing is already supplied with a huge number of pre-defined reports. In addition to that users are allowed to create their own reports and integrate them into Microsoft CRM. You can write a report using the Microsoft SQL Server reporting service utility you can write a quick report and integrate it into Microsoft CRM.

Requirements for publishing a new report into Microsoft CRM can be described as below.

  • You should have Microsoft .net development framework and any development tools from Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Microsoft SQL Server reporting services, Report Designer.
  • You should be assigned “Manage Reports” role in the Microsoft CRM.

General Tips for Reports

You should follow below mentioned general tips to write efficient reports.

  • You should use filtered views and not the tables as a data source for the reports. Filtered views give better performance and better security. Microsoft CRM returns rows of a filtered view as per the security role granted to the users. So the users don’t see records which they are not permitted to see.
  • You should make the report filterable. This means users should be allowed to enter the criteria to filter the records when the run the report, because of this they will get only those records in which they are interested in.

Tips for Customizing Reports

You should follow the following general tips for generating reports.

  • Modify the default view for every entity, so that the users will see the information which is relevant.
  • Customize the search columns for Look for box. Define the columns in the Quick Find View for the entity. So that users will be allowed to enter search on those columns only.
  • Modify the default filters for each report. By default it is returning active records changed within last 30 days. However if you run the report weekly you can change it accordingly.

Microsoft CRM is supplying a large numbers of pre-defined reports and gives you flexibility to create your own reports with great ease and run them with great performance.