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Microsoft CRM is a market leader in CRM software segment and it has its own distinct advantages. You would notice that a lot of companies are switching over to the Microsoft CRM. This is because of many reasons and some of them are described here.

  • Microsoft CRM can be easily integrated with other Microsoft products like Microsoft office, Microsoft outlook, and SharePoint.
  • Microsoft CRM is built upon robust Microsoft .Net framework offering scalability to your systems.
  • Customer friendly pricing policies.
  • Important features like opportunity management, sales analysis tools and setup and configuration capability.

Following are some explanations why other CRM users should migrate to Microsoft CRM.

Quickbooks to Microsoft CRM

If your business has overgrown then you should switch over to Microsoft Dynamics GP. Microsoft Dynamics GP offers better facilities to monitor funds, customers, products and vendors. Microsoft Dynamics GP offers auditing features to trace transactions and this is according the generally accepted accounting standards.

Sage to Microsoft CRM

Microsoft CRM is offering a great scalability and performance. It is capable to meet the needs of growing business. It is using Microsoft SQL server which is capable of supporting thousands of users.

If you are already using Microsoft Windows operating systems and Microsoft Office software then you can easily integrate them into Microsoft CRM.

Microsoft CRM architecture is designed to easily integrate with third party software.

Microsoft is heavily investing into Microsoft CRM future development programs and this shows its commitment to stay at the forefront in this industry segment. This will benefit Microsoft CRM users to get benefits of the future technologies.

Salesforce to Microsoft CRM to Microsoft CRM switch over has following advantages.

Microsoft CRM online offers more storage capacity than Additional storage charges for Microsoft CRM online are also lower than

Microsoft CRM online offers free mobile access.

Microsoft CRM is a market leader into CRM software segment and it is continuously implementing new features to simplify business processes. It is an intelligent decision to go for Microsoft CRM.