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Honest answers to all your CRM questions

The following Six Sigma CRM white papers focus on Best CRM, Contact Management, Six Sigma and Customer Relationship Management. These white papers will answer some questions you may have, and offer suggestions about what will work best for you in your particular setting.

The white papers are designed for:

  • Companies who sell innovative, cutting-edge products or technology
  • Business Management, Sales, Marketing and Service professionals
  • Hardware and software developers and resellers
  • Information Technology, Customer Relationship Management and Manufacturing specialists
  • Health-care manufacturers and service providers
  • Fortune 500 companies and more

The white papers include: information on potential buyers and typical customers; important business drivers; advice on choosing the best software to meet your needs and the best CRM strategy for your business; various Six Sigma CRM tips and solutions; and abstracts from leading Customer Relationship Management research companies.

These articles provide you with enough information to increase your customer base, slash your business costs, and outsell your competition by delivering problem-solving products and services to your customers and prospects.

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact us at 1-800-611-4343.

Six Sigma CRM Articles and White Papers:

1. An Introduction to Six Sigma – An_Introduction_to_Six_Sigma.pdf [68 K]

2. Six Sigma – Friend or Foe? – six_sigma.pdf [128 K]

3. Is CRM The Six Sigma of The New Economy? – Is_CRM_The_Six_Sigma_of_The_New_Economy.pdf [29 K]

4. Finding the Best CRM System for Your Firm – Finding_the_Best_CRM_System_for_Your_Firm.pdf [22 K]

5. How to Choose CRM Software – How_to_Choose_CRM_Software.pdf [41 K]

6. Why Invest in CRM? – why_invest_in_crm.pdf [25 K]

7. Why Do I Need Contact Management Software? – Why_Do_I_Need_Contact_Management_Software.pdf [192 K]

8. Contact Management: Give ‘Em What They Want – Contact_Management.pdf [163 K]

9. Legal Technology Primer: Contact Management Software Makes You Seem Like Everyone’s Best Friend (intended for law firms) – Contact_management_software.pdf [22 K]

10. Resisting the Herd Instinct in a Down Market – CRM_Resisting_the_herd_instinct.pdf [294 K]

11. Multichannel Interaction: A Key to Superior Customer Service – Multichannel_Interaction_Customer_Service.pdf [538 K]

12. The CRM Guide to Increasing Profit and Productivity (Microsoft) – The_CRM_guide_to_profit_and_productivity.pdf [2 M]

13. Strategic Sales Processes for Improved Customer Relationship Management – Strategic_Sales_Processes_for_Improved_CRM.pdf [1 M]