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Goldmine CRM is an affordable solution for small and medium organizations. It is used worldwide, being one of the most popular small business CRM solutions in the market but also being used by middle sized enterprises. This CRM software is used for contact management, schedule management, document management, opportunity management, team-based collaboration, reporting, customer service & support and customer self-service as well. It is one of the most powerful and most popular customer relationship management solutions designed to address the needs of small and mid-sized businesses. Companies and businesses can increase their sales and make their marketing more efficient by using the automation capabilities of Goldmine to enhance the way they win and retain customers. All of this happens in a cost saving way, and those who decide to use this program also save money, not just time.

Goldmine offers a built-in email client which is very similar to Microsoft Outlook. This way the program is easy to use and the time of training is reduced. Through this function you can construct target lists for mailshots based on filters created by staff. Any emails sent to clients are also filed against their Goldmine record, providing an audit trail of communications and a source of reference for analysis of customer needs and sales opportunities.

Goldmine CRM is also used for management, making it more easy to follow than ever. You can view and monitor all your reps’ daily with this program, and closely follow weekly, monthly activities, product and services information, and revenue details with the group calendar feature to maintain a consistent selling process. Managing data has never been easier and more simple. Goldmine helps managers to track all opportunities throughout the sales cycle and compare sales. This way you can analyze and make comparisons in order to see what needs to be changed in the future.

Goldmine CRM has developed through the years and it has more versions, each of them having different benefits and tools that you can use. There is the standard edition, the corporate edition,GoldSynch, iGoldMine and iGoldMine Plus, GoldMine Integration Services and GoldMine plus Accounting. The Standard Edition is the most popular one, helping companies increase sales force automation functionality to individual users, allowing them to change management and marketing, having better prospects and happy clients. The Corporate Edition of Goldmine CRM has some new features that the standard edition lacks, but its main benefits are the same. It provides a broad range of features that enable companies to build stronger and more profitable relationships.